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“Sometimes I feel so excited about the things I’ve got going on in my life, but then, that all goes away, and I just can’t manage to get into any of it. I almost feel manic-depressive. Is that normal?” ~ Riley, Fayetteville, AR

Everything goes in cycles. We see this everywhere in life, and we are generally happily accept it — outside of our own selves. But we have to realize that we are not immune to the cycles of energy and growth.

Daily life is like swinging: when we are flying forward it feels exhilarating, wholly empowering. We love that feeling that is so close to real flight. But, to reach those peaks, physics demands that we have to move backwards as well. And not just slightly, but equally in both directions.

So, when you have those low-energy, backwards moments, don’t fight it. Take some time to regroup, accept a peaceful moment of re-gathering your strength, and be ready when the time comes to launch yourself forward, filled with the same joy and laughter any child feels in that weightless moment on the playground.

Myrlia Purcell

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Myrlia loves dancing, laughing and a good cup of tea. But the thing that makes her happiest of all is helping others find their own joy.

To that end, Myrlia and her husband, Steve, created, a website full of uplifting celebrity news, where fans can be inspired to find new ways to make a difference.

Though most of her time is spent running and chasing her two young girls around the garden, Myrlia also enjoys writing children's books and posting her 'Tips for a happy time on Earth' at

In 2013, Myrlia was named one of America's Top 20 Women in Philanthropy.

For more information, please visit

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