Embrace The Process – Enjoy Your Journey

Enjoying the journey leading to the goal is as important as achieving the goal. Allowing the journey to divinely unfold is the secret to balance and success. Achieving goals starts at a very early age and is interweaved throughout our lives. Sell the most Girl Scout cookies. Win the spelling bee. Read the most books over the summer to receive the coveted award. Be in the upper 5% of your high school class to get the college scholarship money. Get the job with the top company. Get the bonus. Get the promotion. Buy a house. Buy a bigger house, etc.,… Read more.

Don’t Just Be Spiritual, DO Spiritual

Are you what people call a “spiritual” person? I think I am – I like to meditate, say affirmations, drink herbal tea and pray. However, I also like to dance to hip hop music, drink coffee and keep up with the Kardashians. You see, if you’re anything like me, you’re a spiritual seeker in a modern world, carrying a yoga mat in one hand and a vanilla latte in the other. You may find it challenging to balance your joy-seeking side with your human side, however, the good news is that we don’t have to choose between our spiritual selves… Read more.

Forget Balance, Create Harmony!

Finding balance in our lives is an elusive dream for many of us. Trying to balance home, work, health, spirituality and free time seems almost impossible. Well, I am pleased to tell you that I’ve found the answer to creating balance in your life: Forget about balance, you’ll never have it. Instead, create harmony in your life! This differentiation is more than just semantics. It is a critical approach to looking at life that can free you up to see the world in a different way. “Balance” assumes that we must spend a certain portion of each week devoted in equal measure… Read more.

Have You Become a Type A Personality?

The concept of a Type A personality has not been around for long. It was actually identified in the 1950s by two cardiologists, Drs. Meyer Friedman and Ray Rosenman, who were studying coronary heart disease. They found a link between personality types and heart disease. According to their research, they identified three types of behaviors: Type A, which they labeled as competitive, ambitious, impatient, aggressive, and fast-talking; Type B, which is more relaxed and non-competitive; and Type C, which is hardworking, but becomes apathetic when faced with stress. Those considered Type A were more prone to having high blood pressure,… Read more.

Your No Worries Number

Thousands of years ago, the leaders of the Mayan culture created a deep-time calendar. We can only guess why they thought it so important. Perhaps our distant ancestors believed they could somehow control the future by mapping it. Many speculated whether or not this Mayan calendar pointed to the end of the world, since it appeared to conclude with the date 12/21/12. Why did it end there? The world did not end that day. Is it possible that this symmetric number, once so far into the distant future, represented instead a time after which the calendar’s creators saw no need to… Read more.

When There Aren’t Enough Hours in the Day

“When you have that feeling of there just aren’t enough hours in the day, where do you suggest one starts to relieve the stress?” ~ Diane Beaulieu, Entrée Kitchen owner and B.I.G. pod leader Great question, Diane! There are four places to find relief when you feel there are not enough hours in the day, there is too much to get done, or the stress of your workload is too much. As a recovering Type-A, I have a tendency to think that EVERYTHING needs to get done RIGHT NOW and by ME. If you have the same struggles, take a look at… Read more.

At One with Your Circumstances

There have been many times in my life, and still some today, when I fight reality. I want a different outcome. I desire for things to be different than they are. I pray for divine intervention to change the facts. What usually occurs are that the facts remain and all I have done is create pain and disappointment for myself. It is said that what we resist, persists. What if instead of resisting, we accepted? Recently I was introduced to the Navajo word “Hozho.” It is the most important word in the Navajo language. Roughly translated it means peace, balance,… Read more.

Why Are We So Stressed? And What Can We Do About It?

Never in history have we had such comforts and ease of living. Our grocery store shelves are stocked and we can cook a meal in minutes. We can communicate with family and friends around the world instantaneously and face to face. Modern conveniences make our day to day life easy. Then why the heck are we so stressed? The reason is because of this technology, and our limbic brain. I have been preaching this a long time and recently spoke about it.  Now new research by Dr. Marc Schoen, psychologist and faculty member at UCLA’s Geffen School of Medicine, has… Read more.

How to Determine If You’re a Media Addict (and what to do about it!)

Why Am I See-Sawing Emotionally?

“Sometimes I feel so excited about the things I’ve got going on in my life, but then, that all goes away, and I just can’t manage to get into any of it. I almost feel manic-depressive. Is that normal?” ~ Riley, Fayetteville, AR Everything goes in cycles. We see this everywhere in life, and we are generally happily accept it — outside of our own selves. But we have to realize that we are not immune to the cycles of energy and growth. Daily life is like swinging: when we are flying forward it feels exhilarating, wholly empowering. We love… Read more.

Harvesting Happiness: Bringing Relief to the Insurmountable

Every day when we turn on the news, we see a world that seems filled with sadness, poverty, loss and grief. We ask ourselves, over and over again, how can we live amidst such difficulty and pain? The task of bringing relief to the suffering often seems insurmountable. The truth is that our hearts ache for those who suffer no matter where in the world they are or for what reason the suffering exists. Yet, as much as we want to offer support and assistance, there doesn’t seem to be enough that we can do to create change. However, we… Read more.

The Reality of Finding Balance

The biggest issue people have when trying to schedule their upcoming week is they are attempting to bring this “Work-Life Balance” theory into the realm of reality. The thing is, this “Work-Life Balance” notion is a completely hypothetical theory – and not a fact-based practice. Believe it or not, motivational speakers can make a handsome living simply by inserting the words “work”, “life”, and “balance” into any seminar title. I receive phone calls regularly from people who want me to help them achieve this critical balance between their work and their lives. It seems that balance is something that most… Read more.

Where Do You Find Balance?

By Gail Lynne Goodwin. Balance. It’s something that we all aspire to maintain in our lives, but many times we fall a bit short of our desired outcome. In this day and age where always increasing pressures simultaneously pull us in multiple directions, it’s critically important to take the time to reconnect and add balance to our lives. The question is, how do we do that? For me, balance starts with an intention to separate “me” from what’s going on around me. It’s making the time to recognize, acknowledge and appreciate the inner “me”, and knowing that the world will… Read more.

Loving the Duality of your Higher Self and Ego Self

By Tara Taylor. What is the meaning of life? That is the universal question that we have all asked ourselves once, twice or everyday. In actuality, the question that we truly want to understand is, “What is MY meaning in this life?” We look to others to answer this question. We seem to think that we don’t know. In actuality, we do know. Each and every one of us has the answer embedded. It is in every fiber of our being, we have had the answer even before we came to our bodies. We hold our answer within us.  The question… Read more.

10 Success Tips from Founder Tim Storm

Recently I had the honor of interviewing today’s Inspirational Luminary, Tim Storm, creator of– an on-line premier coupon site and one of the highest ranked sites on the Internet. He’s a hero in his community. His employees love him. His peers honor him. And, I think I know the reason why. Tim is the Midwestern “boy-next-door”, a genuine nice guy who has reached great success and yet still manages to remain incredibly modest, humble and grounded. He gives back to his community and makes a difference in the world. What I learned from Tim comes not only from his… Read more.