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It’s Monday Morning. For many people, this is the most dreaded part of the week. Sometimes the “to do” list seems overwhelming and any relaxation from the weekend seems like a distant memory.

For me, I woke early this morning, back in Montana but still on the Eastern Time Zone from having spent the last two weeks in the Caribbean. My “to do” list is amazingly long- but this morning, I’m taking the time for something even more important than my list- me. P1070127
My dog, Koda, is very, very wise. He woke me early this morning and invited me to join him outside. I sat on the deck overlooking the lake as he curled up in the long, cool grass and went back to sleep, leaving me to my thoughts. My mind immediately went racing to all the things I have to get done this week.

But, just being still and listening to the birds sing reminded me that I’m part of something so much bigger than me. The geese are honking, the birds are chirping and it’s already a busy morning in the world. The only sign of human life I see is one tiny boat out on the lake with an early morning fisherman. Otherwise, I’m alone in the world with Nature- and it’s a beautiful place to be. P1070130

There is no sound other than the bird songs and the gentle lapping of the waves on the shoreline of the lake. The sun hasn’t quite made it up over the Swan Mountain range to the east and all is still. For this part of the world, no one knows that it’s Monday morning. No one knows that this is supposed to be a dreaded, hectic time when we set the tone for the week of “work”. The birds are just being birds, Koda is sleeping today like any other day… so the only thing present to perceive today any differently from yesterday, is me.

And I choose not to do that. I’m going to take the energy of Sunday with me into today and be like the birds. They wake each morning with excitement, knowing that what they need will be given to them. They live with faith not fear. They don’t worry about what happens if it rains or where the next fat, juicy worm will come from. They wake with a song and enjoy their day- each and every day.

Some may say that’s just because the birds just don’t know any better. I’d like to think it’s because in some ways, they are more connected and yes, even wiser than we are. They know that they are a part of something so much bigger than themselves and that they are an integral part of the web of life. They have the faith that their every need will be met, and it is.

On this beautiful day- one that could be a hectic Monday- I’m choosing to opt out of the craziness. I’m just going to sing my song of gratitude like the birds, and know that all is perfect in the world. I’m going to allow everything I need to show up with grace and with ease, knowing that if I get out of the way and allow Nature to do it’s thing, everything I need will be provided to me. I’m going to stay connected to the greater part of me, the part that is connected to all living things.

No matter where you are this morning, I invite you to take a few moments and join me. Find a bit of Nature in your world and reconnect to the magnificence that is YOU. Allow this morning to be called a Monday or a Friday or anything else. Let go of the perception that today, as a Monday, has to be stressful and instead, be like a bird and just sing your song. I think you’ll find that when you connect to who you really are- a part of the infinite Universe, you’ll find that it doesn’t matter what day it is- for it will be a beautiful day. Fear will dissipate and be replaced with faith. Windows will appear in what once appeared as walls in front of you. Opportunities will appear as serendipity. And, like the birds who joyfully sing their songs, all of your needs will be met.

On this Monday morning, I invite you to take THAT energy with you into the coming week and watch it unfold as one of your best weeks ever. I’ll be right here, singing away along with you. 🙂

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  1. Thanks Chris, I agree. It’s definitely a beautiful part of the world to live in, and I’m grateful!

  2. Awesome insight! I too am thankful for the quiet moments…thanks to my dog, Kingston…lol

  3. Gail,

    I came across your blog through Dr. Mancusi. I met him yesterday while I was doing a personal appearance. I’m in the entertainment business. I met he and his wife and I decided to scope around the net to find out more about him. I found your blogs in connection to his.
    I have to say, I’m truly inspired by your writings. There is a moment in time which we all go through things we need clarity with, and my time is now. Reading your blogs have helped me (even if just for today) to get through what confusion lays within myself. My confusion I have now is the fear of commitment and I enjoyed the line you had in your blog “They live with faith not fear” talking about the song of the birds. For each day, I shall find my own song.
    So, I just wanted to pass along a big thank you to you and Dr.Mancusi for being in my life, even if it is for today.

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