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Appreciate people. Growing up as a shy girl, I always kept to myself. I never felt compelled to depend on others or even communicate with the many wonderful people that surrounded me.

Now all grown up and having come out of my shell, I realize that one of the most happiest feelings in the world can be found in the connections that we make with others. The general kindheartedness that I find in people is enough to light up the universe.

We live in one life but also in one world that we share. As much control as we have over our own lives, it is very difficult to make it through all alone. From the floor that we walk on to the clothes that we wear, from the helpful hand that opens the door to the wonderful piece of music that fills our ears, there are countless ways that other people have made our lives better than what it could have been.

And whether you realize it or not, there are people appreciating you right now.

Understand that you attract what you think about. This has to do with your mental attitude of the mind and the special ability to select our thoughts. One might generally understand and even like this idea, but then immediately throw it out the window when a close friend tells lies. We may ask, “How in the world did I attract my friend lying to me?” Our mind swirls in an ocean of disbelief and frustration.

Throughout our lives, many things will occur. It is up to us to decide how we will perceive events and how we navigate through. Our minds are precious grounds for the creation of our reality; whatever we put in our mind will expand.

If we view problems in a negative light, we are actually allowing negative energy to prey upon our fertile minds. In this way, we are inviting problems to take over our being and we end up having to deal with the “problems.” Rather, why not invite positive thoughts, ones that allow for solutions and productivity towards the coming future?

Since you attract what you think about, you should think about what you desire rather than about what you see and feel as wrong.

Be ready, be prepared. Dreams. Everyone has them, but how do we attain them? In order to own our dreams, we must be ready. Many opportunities will come our way in life but they will most likely pass us by if we are unprepared.

Whether it is meeting the right person or finding the right job, a “prepared” seeker will match well with his or her desired opportunity. On the other hand, a wishful thinker who lacks preparedness would have a lower chance of seizing an opportunity when it comes along.

Know what you want and then start preparing yourself to match what you envision.

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Aan D. Frazier is a Vietnamese American and survivor of the Vietnam War. Her blessed roots, surviving a boat ride to freedom at the age of one, have always motivated Aan to seek ways to make a difference in other people's lives. Growing up in San Jose, California, her decision to go into teaching was an easy one, fueled by her appreciation for public education and the amazing teachers she encountered during her childhood. To date, Aan has been teaching for the past ten years.

Aan's discovery of the Law of Attraction caused her to view her life in a positive new light and she started living her life as in intentional creator. This powerful knowledge has dramatically changed her perception of the world and the possibilities within it.

With the lingering words of a fifth-grade teacher who wrote in her yearbook "Please send me a copy of your first book," combined with her Law of Attraction passion, she is now achieving a lifelong dream of becoming a published author.

Aan intends for her book Your Magnetic Mind to inspire people of many ages across the globe. In addition, she has also co-authored in a book from the global best-selling Adventures in Manifesting series. Aan's journey to her dreams can be followed via her blog and YouTube channel.

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  1. Yes San. That’s a good inspiration. I did change my thinking to positive thinking. For to long I viewed everything as a negative, including myself. I changed my thinking about 4 years ago. I don’t have hardly any negative self talk. Im happy about my life to be living it. Have my dreams, and finding a way to them.
    Thaksin you Aan.
    Hope you have a great day.

  2. Aan, your words are truly inspirational; they are indeed a wonderful endorsement to the words I chose myself in my book when referring to my enquiry into suffering. ” It is the people who have tragically lost everything, only to rise again and live to inspire others – who have inspired me so much on my journey.” The world needs so desperately to grow from all that is offered in your writing rather than from the food of fear and hatred. You have touched my soul. Thank you

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