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You have all the tools you’ll ever need to solve any challenge or climb any mountain you truly desire within you right now. It’s just a question of which you and which worldview you decide to create. Therefore, it’s always up to you to choose the kind of world you wish to live in, and the kind of ideals you wish to practice each day.

As you continue on your journey, consider how the following core beliefs may be used to create your own new worldview:

  • You are Divine, born in a state of eternal, natural grace which you have never left and never will.
  • Your life has innate intent and is among an infinite number of expressions of the Divine. Your dreams, inspirations, and intuitions represent your direct, subjective connection with the Divine, which can also be thought of as Source, Spirit, Consciousness, or All That Is.
  • All life is sacred, all elements are intimately connected with each other, regardless of size or distance, in cooperation, invested fully in the pursuit of individual and collective value fulfillment.
  • Your physical death is not the end of your life. You as Consciousness experience many times and places in many dimensions. Space-time is not an absolute, but a construct. We influence the past as well as the future from the present.
  • Consciousness is Primal Cause. Consciousness creates All That Is. Our universe is a multiverse of nested fields of consciousness, most of which are not perceivable by the five senses or their extensions (telescopes, microscopes) alone.
  • Human evolution includes worldviews that unfold hierarchically in stages of increased complexity. Each stage creates new challenges that can only be solved by more sophisticated approaches or risk regression, arrested development, and, ultimately, extinction. There are traditional, modern, and emerging postmodern worldviews.
  • Develop your abilities to their fullest through the daily cultivation of curiosity, constructive skepticism, awe, loving kindness, mindfulness, grace, compassion, spontaneity, creativity, humor, and deep appreciation for the endless wonders of All That Is.
  • You create your own reality through your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, impulses, expectations, moral intuition, dreams, physical-mental-inner senses, behavior, and the “God of You.” Learn to take full responsibility for everything in your life because nothing ever “happens to you” that you don’t create. In this light, there are never any real victims, just players on the stage of life.

Your life is a miracle – the Greatest Story Never Told – because you have yet to finish creating it!

You stand on the cusp a new worldview. Dig your heels in and bask in the true power of your spontaneous being. Anything is possible. Learn to take advantage of the infinite possibilities in every moment and live your life fully. Take action, however you define it. Do your part to make the world a better place for yourself and others to share, and the rest will surely follow.

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PAUL M. HELFRICH, Ph.D., has spent the past three decades exploring multidisciplinary approaches as an educator, researcher, webmaster, composer, writer, and lecturer. He earned his graduate degrees in music composition from Temple University (1985), where he composed classical music and taught music theory, history, and composition. His love of science and technology led him to Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute Science Museum, where he developed major hands-on state-of-the-art science exhibits including What Makes Music? (1987), visited by over two million people in the U.S. and Canada.

He spearheaded the formation of The Science Learning Network (1994), a national program promoting virtual community-building among leading science museums and K-8 schools worldwide. His Mindscapes music CD (2003) is available on iTunes, Rhapsody, and CDBaby. His interest in Integral Psychology led him to earn a Level III Spiral Dynamics certification (2003) and Integral Certificate from Fielding Graduate University (2007).

Helfrich has authored essays, presented workshops, and lectured nationally on the Seth Material, the channeling phenomenon, and Integral Psychology. He has written his first book Seth: The Ultimate Guide (2011), and is the co-owner of NewWorldView, a provider of educational media and programs that artfully help you realize your unique purpose in life—the source of your greatest fulfillment and creativity.


Contact Paul:

Mailing Address: Paul M. Helfrich, 31250 Lakehills Road, Castaic, CA 91384-2532.
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 661-257-6100

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  1. Platitudes, the same old old rehashed stuff sprinkled with words like ‘Divine’ and ‘grace,’ as though this is something new. As a luminary maybe your wick needs a little trimming, ‘cos there’s quite a bit of smoke, and probably a few mirrors…

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