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When I think of words of wisdom that I would like to leave to humanity, I am filled with humility. I envision my children’s faces and realize that my wisdom and my love is all that I will ultimately leave behind. So, with a deep, slow breath, I open to my highest self and reflect on what would be most important to express. Please, breathe with me while I begin.

First and foremost, the highest service I can offer by sharing my wisdom is to compel deep listening to that still, small voice within. That is where the most timeless wisdom is encapsulated. Perhaps whatever I could add to that would be little other than rhetoric.

However, and most sincerely, I urge you to fully embrace who you are, the good, the bad, and the ugly. This is what the world needs most, all of it. Not just what is considered perfect or appropriate. All of these facets of you are intricately designed to teach and connect with others while you learn and grow into your highest potential.

From a point of love and radical self-acceptance, you can then gently, firmly, and persistently improve on what you have control over. Work to forgive and find the beauty in everything else. This is where peace begins. It is the finest celebration you can offer to who and what you are to yourself and your fellow life travelers.

While you are conducting this important open-hearted inquiry into all that you are, remember you are a body, a mind and a spirit. This is the trinity of you and a holy trinity like no other. Each part of this requires care and feeding.

Challenges are also required to build full strength, beauty and glory. It is the most testing physical, mental, and spiritual aspects in life where you fully uncover the truth of your essence. Flow through those trials and tribulations with grace and resist not the dark times of the soul, for these will give way to brilliance and equanimity while creating new layers of richness in the fabric of your life.

Beyond your mind, body and spiritual system, is the integral part you play in the natural world. Take time to revel in nature, knowing that the trees are lungs on the outside of your physical body, breathe together with them in communion of that spark of life that is expressed in so many forms. The earth, water and sky share the same elements of what make up your organic shell. Allow them to enrich your existence with beauty, shelter and nourishment. Tend to them as you tend to your own self-care, knowing the degree of separation is only a figment of your imagination.

Wrap this all up in the present moment. This is the only point of power available for you to make the daily, moment by moment choices which will define your life, create your future and remain on as your legacy for those who you will one day leave behind.

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Tracy Morrow is an NLP Master Practitioner, Life Coach and author specializing in conflict resolution and helping couples and individuals reach the highest physical, mental and spiritual potentials possible. Her most recent publication, What is Spirituality, is receiving 5 Stars on Kindle and is said to be a highly recommended "Definitive Guide to Spirituality".

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  1. I feel so honored to be a part of the Luminaries here at As a part of my gratitude, “What is Spirituality” is free for today and tomorrow. Just click on the link above to get it. I hope it brings you connection and peace!

  2. As always Tracy, you eloquently write the words that our little voice attempts convey. After reading today I realize we fail to grasp this inner wisdom when the we allow our ego’s voice to reign. Today I take away that the mind and body cannot overcome inevitable trials and tribulations without a spirit of grace.

    1. Cherisha, you are such a beautiful spirit! I appreciate you and I love what you said about the ego’s voice. Allowing the spirit to shine through that is certainly everyone’s challenge!

      1. Thankyouyou Tracyfor sharing this Isinspiration. It hitshome to me, on the jjourney of life im on. I appriciatetha word of wisdom.It helps me. Again Thankyou.

  3. Thank you Tracy for this reminder. I am coming to the realization that forgiving ourselves is the key and beginning of remembering who we are- which is so much more powerful than we probably currently realize. My intention each day is to remember more. <3

    1. You are welcome Ellie! I love your intention and that is what I also strive for, that and self-forgiveness as I can be pretty hard on myself sometimes. You are a powerful spirit!

  4. What a beautiful and profound message: love and accept fully who we are, and the rest will follow. So few of us listen to our intuition or commune with nature, but when we do, the universe opens up for us. A real pleasure to read this inspiring piece–thank you!

  5. Wow Tracy, you really have a way of putting a big life concept into concise and understandable words. This particular article reads like poetry. Every few words I’m hit with another epiphany that takes me a while to digest. Not only are you a gifted writer, but you’re an older soul with one of the most special hearts on this earth and what a joy that you share it so freely. I hope that makes sense.. not done with my coffee yet. I love you! 🙂

  6. Beautiful article! I don’t think anyone could have said it better. If more people learned to live this way, they would be so happy. Same with the world.

    1. Thank you Alayna! This is my pursuit, to live this way. Some days are easier than others. Having a space such as InspireMeToday is such a needed resource to help us remember where to keep our focus!

  7. Tracy, this is the best Brilliance I have read, and I read it almost daily. You have succinctly captured what is important. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom.

  8. It’s my first time to read you, Tracey. And, having now tasted your pen, which resonates so much with who I am, I’ve gotten hungry for more. As such I believe your offer of your book should no doubt whet my appetite. I believe I’m also an old spirit. Thanks in anticipation.

    1. Maurice, I love how you mention hunger – when we stay hungry, we learn, and when we learn we grow. I would be honored for you to read my eBook and hope you will stay in touch.

  9. Beautifully and powerfully written Tracy. The depth of wisdom you have shared is such a gift. Thank you so much for giving us all a living wisdom map to follow which will truly enrich our lives.

  10. You are a beautiful person, inside and out. By following the content in your writings, people can certainly have their lives enhanced. They can find calmness amidst the daily stress and trials. Your advice is needed in today’s world and you do an awesome job of sharing it. Thank you.

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