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It never hurts to say “I love you”. We know this. But did we also know that we can help each other grow by learning to say “thank you” as well? When we take a little time out for gratitude, we can accomplish miracles in our lives. We can connect ourselves to the inherent genius of our human heritage.

We usher in new life, new hope, each time we thank someone else for their contributions to thought and to excellence; each time we let someone else’s achievements shine inside of our own dear accomplishment sphere. Whenever we acknowledge greatness in another, we are tacitly acknowledging greatness in us all.

Why? Because we were all created that way! We all possess the seed of genius which is our birth heritage as humans. All we need is to give each other an equal chance. An equal chance in upbringing, an equal chance in education, an equal chance in prosperity.

Love will grant us our equal chance. Each human being alive has experienced in the depths of his or her loving relationships the stirring power and accomplishments that can create a whole new panorama of human wisdom. Love is the unquestionable key to human genius.

Watch two lovers walking down the street, radiating not only the emotion of love, but also the energy of love. We’re captivated by the gleam in their eyes, the beam of their very presence. As we pass them, we sense an awesome uplifting in our spirits. They teach us that we possess in our love the capabilities not only to kiss each other’s lips, but truly to “kiss each other’s consciousness”!

This is the gift that transcends individual consciousness! It’s the emotional energy beyond time. For the energy of love is the highest vibrational source, and as it approaches “the speed of light” within us, it slows down time, and we forcefully twist upward to live in what many call “the Now”! We joyously become the seed of our own Source from within, and yes, even with a “selfless sort of pride,” we revel in the joy and in the supreme honor of simply having been born at all!

Yes! Let’s learn to open ourselves up to the opportunity of being edified by every member of our Human Family… because they have earned the honor of edifying us by virtue of the fact that they too are alive, that they too are thinking, feeling contributors to the greatness of our humanity. We are honored by sharing the same earth together, by breathing the same air… and again, elevated by the honor of simply having been born at all!

Let’s be up to the task of passing this honor of life down to our children. Let’s give them a reason also to say “thank you”. Thank you for our present, thank you for our future. Thank you for the present of our future. Thank you for our lives in a world where one beautiful life has now tenderly gripped the other. Where the light from our awesome collective Human Genius can forever outshine the sun!

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AL COLE FROM CBS RADIO is a communications leader, author, musician and world class speaker. Al has also forged a Positive Media phenomenon! His nationally broadcast talk show "People of Distinction" has become a groundbreaking force in extending to high profile people the opportunity to talk not only about their great public accomplishments, but also notable aspects of themselves as individuals... what motivates them to create the things they do, their special goals and interests, their insights into and values of life itself. In a nutshell, what we can offer all men and women to uplift our lives and give a piece of our personal legacy back to our Human Family!

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  1. I love this inspiration. I love humanity. I love who I am at this time of my life. Its nice to live, in a world of hate. I let my light to shine brightly on everyone I meet. I accept love.
    Love rules all.
    Thankyou Al

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