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Ever wish you hadn’t made that choice “back then”, or that you had taken a different path in life?

Why? Don’t you know who you are and who you are from? You are a part of the Creator of all that is.

Enjoy every day and every one! In fact why not just enjoy every experience that comes our way. The ultimate destination is the same for all of us, to return “home”, so you might as well enjoy all of your time here.

Think of it this way: have you ever gotten ready to drive to a location that you have never been to before? Even though you take directions with you, you wind up getting lost along the way. And that’s exactly how you feel for a while, lost. You spend this time in a state of panic instead of trusting that it is all happening perhaps for reasons that you may just not be able to see right now. Then you somehow wind up where you wanted to go despite the “detour”.

Maybe if you hadn’t gotten “lost” you would have gotten stuck in traffic or worse, an accident. Or maybe, if you had stopped for directions, it was because you needed to meet that person for some future reason. There can be any number of reasons.

So, why did you waste all of that time panicking? When you are truly meant to be somewhere, you will get there eventually. The question to ask yourself is, wouldn’t it be easier to just enjoy the entire trip knowing that it is all leading you to the path meant just for you? Like the saying goes, “let go and let God”.

Besides, I have personally found that in finding something to appreciate and enjoy in every experience that comes my way, has only brought many more positive and smooth paths into my life. Regardless of what is happening in our lives this is possible to achieve. When you are able to do this you really begin to feel and live with a sense of complete inner peace not merely based on the outside World.

I know that at times this seems easier said then done, but I feel it directly relates back to what I started saying. Do you know who you are a part of? You are a Divine, beloved creation.

So, if we all come from our Heavenly Creator and we are all heading towards that same ultimate destination, to rejoin our Creator, then we need to remember that everyone is deserving of kindness and forgiveness.

We also need to remember how important it is to love ourselves. Knowing this, we need to remember that it is every person that we have ever dealt with and every experience that we have ever had, that has shaped, who we are today. So we really need to learn to love all of it in order to truly love ourselves and each other as we should. After all, our Creator does.

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Suzanne O'Brien, guided by an angel after a life saving surgery, is now a Young Living Essential Oil Distributor #1514707, Reiki Master,  Reconnective Healer™, certified Medical Intuitive, Spiritual/Energy Healer,Medium/Animal Intuitive, Artist,  and author of A Heavenly Presence.

Suzanne helps others with improving their Health and Wealth through a natural lifestyle.

She also teaches Reiki Energy Healing in NJ and online, offers Distant Spiritual Healing sessions and Pet Readings through photos.  She is the owner of, and

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  1. Perfectly saiid. I recently had this conversation with someone. We are here to learn , to work through the difficult stuff, but to ultimately love ourselves and all others to the fullest. We will bring home this experience with us.

  2. It’s so true. Let go and Let God/Spirit/Intuition do its thing. I see, feel, and hear so many people angry at themselves say,..” what if” I had done this,.. that, .. the other thing,…. How one doesn’t come to accept and understand, “you are were you are,.. is meant to be.” All choices are good choices in God’s view. We get the Life we think and feel from our hearts and minds. Why do we let media, our peers, our 20/20 hindsight tell us we are wrong, failures, and not good enough? Thanks for the reminder.

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