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You better get ready to change lives for the better!

That’s what I live for. This life is not for the passion-less but for the passionate. You can’t afford to live like you have nothing to lose. And until you completely live free of what can be lost, you will never soar beyond who you are now. You must be completely willing to lose.

Your Destiny gains power with each moment of deep inner belief. This life is what’s really at risk…so leave nothing for the grave yard because it’s not worthy of the dreams you carry within. All that has been poured into me must be poured out of me before I leave here. “Nothing Left” is what I leave behind because I am willing to give it all up. If it is to be, it’s up to me.

What I bring to the world in a magnetically charged manner is the heart to live boldly, genuinely and authentically. The legacy I pass on to you today is to live in the here and NOW. Live each and every day as if it were your last.

Why? Because life is too short and unpredictable for anyone to get caught up in idleness. If you’re not being productive, you’re living your life in scatteration. Nothing scattered ever mattered.

Impacting others with an unconditional love for life is what moves the shiftless along. The passion I exert awakens the inner soul of my heart and others feel it. And when I speak to audiences of thousands, no matter how far back they are in their seats, they lean forward. Because they hear the voice of a man who is aware of who he is.

I am my purpose, I am my dreams, I am the LOVE in my heart that fulfills the inner most part of who I desire to be happy.

This moment is all you have and you have given up every bit of your effort to concentrate with me so listen. There is no one like you in all the world and your brilliance like mine is entrapped inside these clay walls. The greatest thought of wisdom I could share with you is to serve your community with passion.

Give them all you have. And give it every bit of all you’ve got. I was speaking to a young man the other night and I told him here lies the greatest secret I’ve ever learned:

SERVE your way to SUCCESS.

Nothing holds you back if you are willing to give it all up for the sake of servingIf you are to become great, serve. Serve others so that you will have enough energy, vitality and life to serve again.

Serve your family, serve your community, serve your company, and eventually you will serve your country and they shall tell the world about the passion of how you lived your life so wonderfully.

This is Deremiah *CPE and if I can do it, I’m sure YOU CAN!!!

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From humble beginnings out of the dark Chicago public housing projects, through the divorce of his parents and welfare lines, Deremiah *CPE has emerged as a champion. Truly he is one of this country's foremost thinkers and a powerful inspirational speaker.

Known by some of his clients as the Customer Passion Evangelist, Deremiah *CPE is one of the nation's most engaging and entertaining inspirational speakers. He often performs life-changing miracles for his audiences. In less than four years, Deremiah *CPE has done over 500 life-changing presentations in more than 200 separate industries, including corporations and non-profit organizations. He has had successful careers as a consultant in the security industry with both Tyco's ADT and SBC Ameritech's SecurityLink.

Successfully ranking in the top 100 in the nation, Deremiah *CPE was chosen by customers and employees as one of the leading security experts in the country when he became the recipient of the "President's Ambassador Award.” This award is the most difficult to receive, especially by sales and marketing consultants because it is only given to the top employees of the company who handle their internal and external customers with exceptional class and outstanding customer service. Out of 7,000 people, only 10 employees receive this award annually, ranking Deremiah *CPE in the top 1% of his company. That is an amazing achievement and at the same time uncommon among today's workforce.

A multi-talented speaker and author, Deremiah *CPE proves again and again that with desire, determination and diligence you can win!

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