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Let go of being connected to the results. Just do and be because you are inspired and passionate about what you are doing regardless of anyone else. This is how you know if you are fulfilling your soul’s purpose.

The most important task is to love and accept yourself.

You always receive the answers to your questions. It just might not be what you were expecting.

Life is like a treasure hunt. Half of the fun is figuring out the clues and overcoming the challenges to finally get to the treasure. It wouldn’t be the same if someone just handed it to you.

Every person in our life is a mirror into our soul. What we choose to see is a reflection of how we see ourselves. Once we see the beauty in ourselves, we will see the beauty in everyone else.

The judgments we have about what is right and wrong or spiritually higher and lower, is what separates us from one another, the unconditional love and support of the universe and God.

The only free choice we really have is choosing to see things from the perspective of oneness or separation, struggle or flow.

Trust comes from knowing you can do no wrong.

You are exactly where you are meant to be. Do not compare yourself to others. You are already whole. You are just beginning to see all there is to see.

What we allow, we receive. So let go and open to the divine fulfilling all your desires.

Take time each day to celebrate all you have accomplished and have in your life. It will shift your energy and attract more into your life.

The only pressure we have in life is the pressure we put on ourselves.

Once you discover your own psychic ability, you’ll realize you’ve had the power all along.

How you look at your life will tell you a lot of what you are creating. For example, how would you describe the weather where you are? For me, it’s sunny and beautiful every day with a little wind to move things around. It’s blossoming with new growth that needs to be watered and nurtured to maintain. That describes my life right now as I see it. What about you?

In darkness, we can’t see what’s going on around us. Darkness directs us to look within to find the light. Darkness gives us the ability to see the light.

Find something to learn and grow from every challenge and your life will transform into an exciting journey rather than a dreaded one.

Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is a choice to experience life with appreciation, awe and wonder.

Remember, our life is a journey, not a destination. Every moment, decision and action you make matters regardless of the results.

Value yourself and know that not everyone will value or resonate with you. They’re not meant to. Love them anyway. Focus on being who you are and the people you’re here to connect with that will appreciate you.

Once you let go of what others think of you, you’re able to express yourself authentically with confidence and passion.

In order to discover new innovations, we need to use our intuition. Without it we will just regurgitate what has already failed.

Are you too serious? Lighten up and have fun. When you take things too seriously, you’ll see that you’re attached to the outcome and actually limit yourself.

Success isn’t something you acquire. Success is knowing you can’t fail no matter what you do and realize the unique value that you contribute.

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Leah Levkowitz is the Best Selling author of Divinely Guided Success: Discover The Missing Piece To Reveal Your Destiny. Leah is a channel of God for the expansion of consciousness. Her coaching programs and workshops free you from struggle & guide you to success fulfilling your life purpose. Leah guides you to develop your own intuitive abilities to be empowered, inspired and continually supported.

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    1. Thanks for responding Anne. When we align with our soul and connect with God/source/light we can see the connection and purpose behind our daily challenges and the darkness we feel disappears. When we disconnect from that light the shadow as you refer to reappears. The shadow comes and goes. in my new book Divinely Guided Success: Discover The Missing Piece To Reveal Your Destiny, I explain how our “shadow” or life challenges benefit and direct us on our journey.

    1. Thank you Sumanto. If you found my inspiration powerful and want to go much deeper I recommend getting my book Divinely Guided Success: Discover The Missing Piece To Reveal Your Destiny.

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