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I like to look upon life as a magical magnificent mirror of truth and awareness. Everything that I, or you, can consciously observe in others, we have the full ability to observe within ourselves. In our daily lives, we often place judgments, fears or even admiration upon the individuals we come across.

Spirit is amazing. (Some call it God, or a “Grand Organized Designer,” or even Lord, Christ, whatever it may be that in your truth exists as that higher source of ultimate wisdom.) So, Spirit gives us so many continual experiences and events on a daily basis that bring us back to this mirror effect. It gives us the continual opportunity to turn within and listen to that which the world is trying to teach us.

Within this observation glass of our awareness, one could perceive this external world with thousands of judgments, for it appears that God is trying to punish us. However, these judgments or “punishments” are precisely the exact situations we needed for our spiritual and soul evolution. It is in these judgments or perceptions that the universe is giving us the chance to take ownership of the traits or characteristics the particular experience can instigate. The difficult experience gives us exactly what we need to completely reframe the issue in life, to see the perfection and really learn to equilibrate the “charge” around the issue. I like to refer to this process as evolving in consciousness and learning to see that life is and will always be absolute perfection.

With this understanding, let me take a moment to turn each of you into the loving inside your heart. Where is that absolute place of perfection that resides inside of you? Where is that space inside your soul where the birds chirp and the butterflies gracefully beautify your surroundings?

I like to refer to that space as perfect present peace, as the grace that sits so restfully inside of my heart, and so easily inside of your own.

For a long time, I perceived my external world to be the fundamental source of my inner turmoil and confusion. However, through natural intuitive and experiential learning, I began to turn within to listen and guide me in comprehending greater meaning to the illusions of my life. Over time, I learned to realize that it was simply my perception that there was dysfunction or turmoil around me.

So, now I turn this back to you. Let yourself take that time to turn within, to listen to your life source energy. For myself, I take at least 5-10 minutes daily to sit peacefully with my inner voice and let it speak its words through my heart. These words are sometimes in the form of free form, stream of consciousness writing and sometimes simply through my everyday consciously evolving soul.

Regardless of your way of attuning yourself to your inner spirit, let it be the way to effectively allow you to embrace your life and release yourself brilliantly into the world. I lived my life for a long time with complete numbness, fear and scarcity however upon finding and comprehending the perfection that exists in every moment, I freed my soul from the constraints of my own inner self. I found the grace of God lurking so beautifully inside my soul, simply waiting for the time to release itself fully into every aspect of my life. And for this transition and strength in listening to that inner guidance, I Thank God I Turned Within.

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Aaron Kleinerman is a speaker, author, spiritual counselor and divine inspiration in the emerging generation of conscious leadership. He earned a bachelors degree from the United States Merchant Marine Academy. While traveling the world as a licensed navigator, Aaron's adventures included observing diverse cultures and communities all over the globe. While at sea, he found his true gifts in writing and journaling through numerous spiritual awakenings inspired on the high seas. In his very first voyage crossing the Atlantic, Aaron quickly observed, first hand, the enormous nature of the world and the infinite mysticism of the ocean. He began questioning and pondering the bigger meanings of life while discovering answers to the appearance of dysfunction in his own. Aaron's inner and outer voyages led him to the master’s program in spiritual psychology at the University of Santa Monica, California. You will also find Aaron deeply immersed in transformational leadership classes at the Agape International Spiritual Center.

Aaron resides on his 40’ sailboat in Marina Del Rey, CA. His chartering company, Ocean Gratitude, facilitates spiritually awakening meditative cruises and retreats for ocean lovers of all ages. Blessed by the natural synergy of the wind, sea and spirit, the calm ocean energy assists Aaron's clients and students to have powerful inner and outer transformational voyages on board his beautiful sailboat, Passion.

His first book of poetry, "Transformation of Soul; A Poetic Guide to Freedom" is full of powerful images and prose that will leave you breathless. Aaron's amazing story "Thank God I Turned Within" is shared in the second volume of the Thank God I series.

Aaron interviews new authors joining the "Thank God I" community. He coordinates, with the core TGI team, the growth and duplication of this powerful project.

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  1. Great article and I’m really glad that you acknowledge that the spirit has many faces; in however we individually see this ‘higher source of wisdom’. and even the traditional view of punishment is because the soul is evolving. There is plenty of common ground with love of mankind and peace and the inner spirit whatever your faith may be – thank you

  2. Such a unique and wonderful undertaking. Love it! I wanted to learn more but none of the links on internet for your website are working. If you invite me I can do massages for your participants!

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