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Like notes in a song, moments lead us into the chorus of our life…the chorus of a song is the part that we all sing along to. The part we all remember! So, each moment is strung together to create a larger time period in our life and these larger time periods become our life… but the moments are the notes that create the song and the song is our life. It is the beautiful moments that create a beautiful life. A life so beautiful others sing along with it and are inspired to find the song of their heart!

The universal ripple effect has been one of the most profound truths to affect my life.

Simple to understand yet challenging to implement…Drop a stone in the water and the ripple moves outwardly from the center to create larger circles. Everything moves outwardly from our center as well, and our center is our heart. It all begins with us, to create world peace we must create inner peace first, to find love in our life’s we must first love ourselves in our heart of hearts. And this love starts now, in this moment!

There is no delaying, there are no criteria, there is no learning, and nothing you have to do. It is already here, a remembrance that can be re-ignited in this moment! And as you re-ignite it in your center it ripples outwardly and inspires others to do the same!

So you may be asking, how do I re-ignite this remembrance that I am love?

The answer is listen…Listen to your heart. What makes your heart sing?

Not, what am I here to do? Not, why am I not happy? Again, what makes your heart sing? What brings you harmony? When do you feel like you have found your rhythm in the dance of your life? It could be a walk on the beach, listening to your favorite song, painting, or writing something you loved to do as a child. Close your eyes for a moment, put your hands on your heart, and just remember…

Now that you are remembering, make a commitment to nourish yourself everyday with something that makes your heart sing. In these moments of making your heart sing you begin to truly listen. These moments are the notes that begin to create your heart’s song.

The moments that link together to create the chorus of your life…the part that we all remember! The part that inspires others to inspire others to inspire others…Inspiration creates inspiration and it all starts in the moment!

Sometimes it is in the smallest steps that we find the largest movement. These small steps carry large messages that we send out. That we trust, that we know we will be supported, that we don’t have to have all the answers. The space that we leave for the answers to come in is where magic and miracles occur. May your life be filled with magical and miraculous moments and may many sing the chorus of your life!

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Grammy award-winning producer Barry Goldstein's musical experience spans many styles and genres from winning a Grammy with Les Paul for Best Rock Instrumental in 2005, to providing ambient music for Shirley Maclaine! Barry has composed for NBC, ABC, Fox and Lifetime Networks as well as being an award-winning composer for film. He has produced music for EMI, Polygram, Atlantic, BMG and many other major record labels and has worked with some of the hottest studio musicians in the industry!

Barry believes strongly in the healing aspects of music and is a translator of Sacred Sound and Inspirational Song. His passion is sharing music, or as he calls it "The Universal Language of Love" with the world. Barry facilitates private sessions that assist individuals in finding inner harmony and balance in their lives.

His music is being used globally as well as individually in hospitals, hospices, wellness centers and individual practices. Barry also facilitates stress reduction seminars in Fortune 500 companies and institutions to assist in creating more focus, clarity and relaxation in their lives!

As a performer Barry has shared music from his critically acclaimed series "Ambiology" and his inspirational album "The Moment" with audiences worldwide. He has opened up and shared space with New York Times Bestselling Authors Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer and James Van Praagh as well as touching the audiences of Marianne Williamson, Neale Donald Walsh and Dannion Brinkley. Mr. Goldstein also hosts a radio show called H.E.A.R on the World Puja Network and has written articles for Mystic Pop and Planet Light Worker magazines. He facilitates transformational workshops worldwide on Sound Healing and Our Soul's Journey. He performs concerts internationally touching people with "Music from the Heart."

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  1. Yes Barry. my heart sings,for the people who hurt,inside of them. I have found what my heart sings,my higher power.God,if you understand. Most people I have met,God fears them.childhood trauma,I think.I think everyone on this planet,had a hard childhood. Its dealing with the past,and know that you can’t change it,but can learn from it,to be in the present moment.I look in the mirror,and say,I Love You. That gives me the ability to love humanity,and all that live on this planet.My motto is,learning about yesterday,living for today,with the hope of tomorrow.That motto helps me to live in the moment,with gratitude,and love,and hope others find what I have you Barry,where I live,I inspire the people I come in contact with,because I care about them. I’m no better then anyone,I just may be doing better. Thank you for your inspiration Barry. It inspired me

  2. I LOVE your message Barry… I resonate with your inspiration with all my heart. I sing the words, “I LOVE YOU… I THANK YOU… I BLESS YOU” to myself, and out loud… all day long… and my joyous heart celebrates this magic! Thank You Barry…

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