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Understand that YOU were born into this world to make a difference by giving back to others in some way. When you share your gifts with the world, you begin to receive the most amazing gifts in return with a more fulfilled and enriched life. You’ll know when this commitment of giving back feels right because you will truly be living and breathing your own legacy… yes, LIVING your legacy… not leaving it behind when you exit the planet.

If you have ever been mentored, guided or coached by someone in any way, you understand the feeling of being supported by someone who believes in you. Maybe they even believed in you more than you believed in yourself at that time. This caused a shift in you. Your beliefs were shifted and changed, forever making you a better person in some way.

A shift, no matter how small, can be a life-changing experience. When you’ve been supported, it makes you want to support others with the same type of ‘shift’. Imagine a life of giving back by lifting others up in the form of inspiration, motivation, knowledge and the commitment to do better – shifting them to a better life in some way.

Imagine being able to support others in this same magical way and passing on your own experiences. Every positive shift in someone’s life holds energy. This same energy continues to grow and expand over and over again. When you help others do better and believe in themselves, everyone around them does better too.

The best way to give to others is not with presents – but with your presence. That’s truly your gift! What gifts of presence will you share with the world? Your special gifts and talents are priceless. They come in the form of your skills, passion, vision, wisdom, enthusiasm and commitment. Everyone has gifts to share and everyone has an ‘expert’ just waiting inside of them to get out and step up to a bigger game.

When you step up, the world will take notice and be there waiting to hear your words. Words hold power! Your words alone can either tear someone down in a matter of seconds or support them for a lifetime.

Choose to make a difference with your words and choose your words wisely… Words of support – not jealousy! Words of confidence – not insecurity! Words of honesty – not lies! Words of service – not manipulation! Words of giving – not taking!

Share the gifts you were meant to give to the world… one person at a time, thousands upon thousands, or even millions.

Step up… it’s your time to ‘shift’ the world to a better place!

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Debbie Allen, The Expert of Experts, is an award-winning entrepreneur and bestselling author of six books including her newest book, The Highly Paid Expert. Debbie has also been featured in four motivational movies including The Opus and The Compass. Her expertise has been featured in dozens of publications including Entrepreneur Magazine, Personal Branding, Sales & Marketing Excellence, Forbes, Washington Post and USA Today.

She has built and sold six million dollar companies in diverse industries and has been an entrepreneur since the young age of 19. Today, she is known as The Expert of Experts by supporting her clients in developing brand domination around their expertise. Debbie works with small business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers and experts in many different niche markets.

Debbie hosts her famous High Paid Expert Workshop twice a year along with mentoring clients from around the world. She also speaks often at business conferences and women’s business events.

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  1. I see you have shifted your life. you made my life better,Debbie. i know all about shift’s of life. My first shift,was the discovery of alcohol.That definitely shifted my life,before I was a teenager. That opened my world to the good times,I thought. It was fun,till I hit 20,that was another life shift,I new my life was going through a shift again.I had to come home,to Vancouver. That was a good shift.Then another shift.move to the island.

  2. A lovely call into authenticity, but let us not imply that transparency and the unveiling of your heart is a simple thing done once. The unveiling of light within our chests takes constancy and faith, the work of a lifetime.

  3. Powerful words from a powerful woman! Thank you Debbie for inspiring us all to make a shift to impact others with our words. Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  4. Debbie, you are a great inspiration and mentor–for you listen—listening is a key to understanding and being able to make changes to oneself that influences changes to others. I experienced a miracle in meeting you. G-d sent me to you because he knew YOU would TRULY listen and know what I needed to help more children on a global stage. My miracle journal is a accounting of all the miracles that are continuing to help me change to help my children change. Thank you for being one of my miracles. Life is a joy–knowing the difference will send children on their own powerful life’s journey–reading!

  5. Debbie – good reminder that each of us is a GIFT in one form or another. I have found that it is easier to live with niceness versus the opposite – the energy is positive and vibrates at a higher level. I’m printing this out for a few people who need to be reassured that their life has meaning – even though they are going through tough times right now.

  6. Giving a gift brings more joy to us when we indulge in the act of giving without expecting anything in return.At that moment we are putting others happiness before our own happiness.We are not thinking of ourselves but others.Similarly accepting the gift as a blessing from God and being grateful to the person who gave us the gift fills our heart with joy.Looking forward to the holiday season and the joy of giving…That said, this article gives me a reason why I should cater to the needs of my family with joy & smile even when I am too tired /frustrated about something, as my life is a gift given to me by God and I should always try to make the best use of it.

  7. Debbie, well said and I especially love your line, “The best way to give to others is not with presents – but with your presence.” The challenge most of us have is to be truly present vs. locked into our subconscious, ingrained ‘fables’ or limiting beliefs, which dictate behavior conforming with the “expected.”

  8. Debbie – I see I commented back in 2016. Good to see this post again. Always up for a reminder on how to be more proactive.

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