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The greatest revelation you can have is that you live life once. Many would consider such a statement to be a trite saying, instantly dismissing it and in doing so, negating a powerful tool for radical transformation.

Never ever simply “get used” to the fact that you are alive. Never ever exist on earth and yet never truly live.

Life is a precious gift: wear this truth around your neck like a scarf, every single day. Keep this truth on your lips, in your mind, and in your heart, in every situation you encounter and in every conversation that takes place.

With such a viewpoint, you will have the ability to truthfully see into the souls of others and in doing so, you’ll view anger as a protection and blame as a coat with which to cover up hurt. You will see real meaning and deeper truths and no longer respond with cross words, but with bursts of radiant light that bring healing, comfort and transformation. For this is your purpose.

The world owes you nothing. You were not created to be a drain on society, to take, to keep, and to squander. You exist for a purpose – your purpose is contribution. Quit telling yourself your ‘woe is me’ story that drains your mind, energy and conversation. Here is the truth: No one cares. The more you wallow, the less of a chance you have of experiencing the real, beautiful, intangible joy that comes from living life for real.

Everything that you see around you – that you can feel, touch or use was first created in the minds of those who believed that these things could be. Stop harping on about the way that your life is and start visualising what it could be. As we dwell upon our dreams, we are empowered to become.

You exist to give, to contribute in abundance. When you do so, you will experience the secret gift of giving.

The world has its problems. Oftentimes the horrors and atrocities that we see on our screens become too hard to bear; we gain compassion fatigue, so we block them out or we send some spare change just to ease our conscience.

To truly make a difference, start changing your own life – be the best, the biggest, the highest self. The overflow of your own change will be like a bubbling brook soaking itself upon those around you, powerfully impacting your community. Your community is the place that you should start, to give, to change, to hope, to love and as you do – you really will start to change the world.

Throw off your guilt. Discard it like the day’s rubbish: it serves no purpose.

Most of all understand this: You are beautiful. Allow this truth to sink in to your body, mind, and spirit, allow it to flow through your veins touching every organ, every tissue, every sinew, filling you with energy and power as it flows. There is absolutely nothing you can do that will ever take away from the beauty that is you.

Do not let others tell you any other truth, do not let your mind force you to believe any other lie. Do not allow any wrong previous acts to fill you with guilt. No matter what you do, you remain beautiful.

Go now and start changing worlds.

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At the age of 26 years old, Mark's marriage was over, his life had hit rock bottom, and the future was dark, a future he did not want to walk into. After a failed attempt at wiping his existence off the face of the planet, Mark realised that he had lived on planet earth but he had never truly lived. Mark went on to create a business that became an international success, Tribewanted, that was featured in media around the world including The Today Show and Good Morning America. The business was filmed for 18 months and became a TV show in the UK, America and Australia – all three months after trying to take his own life!

Mark is now committed to transforming 10million lives through his 'Life Change the Revolution' movement. Over 10,000 people are currently working together with one vision "to live the life that they were created to live". Go ahead now and register for Mark's 'How to change absolutely anything in your life' e-course and read life changing articles at Or join his seriously active Facebook community of 2,500+ plus life changing individuals right here: Life Change the Revolution Facebook Group.

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  1. Thank you so much for this inspiring article, Mark! It is indeed a simple truth but its power is so strong it should be shared all over the world every day!

  2. Wise words! And your personal story is something I totally relate to. It was when I hit rock bottom during grieving and then re-built my self and my life that I truly became myself and allowed myself to be fully in life.

  3. Awesome article, Mark! Love this…

    To truly make a difference, start changing your own life – be the best, the biggest, the highest self. The overflow of your own change will be like a bubbling brook soaking itself upon those around you, powerfully impacting your community. Your community is the place that you should start, to give, to change, to hope, to love and as you do – you really will start to change the world.

    1. Stacey, interesting comment. It is my personal belief that we live life on this Earth once, however, this Earth is just a part of something bigger. Would love to hear your views.

  4. This sounds very cliche, but Mark Bowness is living proof that sometimes, when you find yourself at rock bottom with no purpose and no obvious reason to live, it is then that you learn the greatest lessons and gain the deepest insights. As you see in this article he has a unique ability to draw from his hard-learned wisdom and offer a hand to others who may find themselves in a tough place. His writing is fresh, honest and powerful and relevant, ministering to the heart and mind of the reader who seeks “a lift.”

    1. Wow, what an inspiring and motivating comment Irene. It’s funny, when I tried to take my own life I had a new goal. My goal was to inspire 1million people into their own life change – I am working towards this happening!

  5. Mark, as a LifeCoach and as one who has been clinically dead once and close to death several other times, your words of wisdom are well spoken. Less we forget that our lives can change in a second. So live to the best life you can and always remember to do unto others as you would have others do unto you .. with liberty and justice for all. Warm regards from Provincetown, MA

    1. Rev, what an incredible story – thank you so much for sharing this – a real honour to hear. Thank you so much for your positive comments also. “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you” – such truth in that very verse, truth that, should we follow then opportunities for healing, comfort and transformation certainly do follow.

  6. Hi Mark, I really enjoyed this one. I agree fully with what you said but I’m not sure we can categorically say that no-one cares about your whining. Grief and hitting rock bottom, as you say, is a necessary step in the process for some people, and people are not and should not feel alone and that no one cares.

    With that little insertion I 100% agree with what you are saying Mark. Wise words and well written.

    1. Jesse, thank you so much for your message. With regards to ‘no-one cares about your whining’, in context I was trying to convey that people don’t care about your poor me story – I am a sufferer, I hate my job, I wish my life would have turned out like X. People will listen for a while but if you repeat the same old story then they walk away – this is why we need to divorce our story. Grief and hitting rock bottom is necessary but ultimately it is only US who can pull us out of that dark and painful situation.

      Genuine problems and situations people do care about. I hope that clarifies but I take your point.

      Thank you for taking the time to post. You are awesome!

  7. While I don’t agree that we only live once…I do agree that you should NOT waste a life time. I do agree life is precious and we should do what we came here to do. I don’t think anyone wrote “watch TV and drink beer” into their life charts when they planned on coming into the human realm as an earth being. We should use this life to expand, grow, chart uncharted territories…especially those within our own minds, hearts, souls.

    1. Lori, thank you so much for your comment. My understanding is that we live THIS life once, here on Earth but that we do go on to live. But I value and appreciate your wisdom and insight. I love your comments on expanding, growing and charting uncharted territories in our own mind – beautiful and inspiring. Thank you.

  8. Thanks, Mark. I just shared on facebook. Your words hit home. We lost my sister inlaw to stage 4 breast cancer in July. She practiced this mantra every minute of her life after being diagnosed. She completed her bucket list and was only 35. Here is her inspiring story:
    Take care and thanks for inspiration.

  9. I am glad I saw your ad and signed up to have you help me, I feel your words very deeply and it is nice to find people who think like this. You are making the world a better place. Years ago my art professor told us, make the world on person better.
    Jane O

  10. I may be “beautiful” but I am also exhausted. Yes, I know anger can be used to cover hurt – but what if the hurt is imagined? What if the other persons viewpoint is such that they anticipate and expect to be blamed and therefore imagine that they are. What if they see exasperation as aggression and react in kind?

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