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View your life experiences as a stepping stone to becoming a better you. Use your gifts to help another person and be the voice for the voiceless. Walk in faith, humility, reverence and obedience to a higher power and the ‘otherness’ that fuels your spiritual awakenings and guide your steps through troubles, setbacks and struggle.

Be willing to forgive and ask forgiveness for yourself when you’ve been assaulted by lies and slandered with untruths. Be strong in your resolve to become the bigger and better person than the person with unkind intent. Pray for forgiveness for your own ‘ugly’ ways and make a life change.

Recognize that life is a journey and you have to be a willing participant in order to grow and become the person you’ve always wanted to know.

Don’t be defeated by defeat. Use scripture to guide you in your decision making and walk in truth, humility and gratitude. Know that you are only human with human frailties and don’t wallow in self pity and regret for past mistakes. Pray to a higher power and let it go. Share your triumphs over adversity with an audience of people whose commonalities you share. Use your voice to uplift and empower the voice of others.

Don’t live a fake life in pretense of being somebody you’re not. Walk in your own truths. Make your own decisions and know that with every choice, comes a consequence- make wise choices.

Use your words to uplift and inspire and not to humiliate and wound. Words are like bullets that can lead to destruction of a human spirit and end a life. Be kind, humbled and assertive and not aggressive, abrasive and ugly.

Surround yourself with positive people and live your life on purpose. Walk your own path and be yourself. Nobody can know you better than you know yourself, so don’t be fearful of living your truths. Sow seeds of gratitude and give back to those in need and understand the significance. The seeds you sow don’t always come in currency. Offer to babysit for a neighbor while they run errands or grocery shop. Invite a friend out to lunch or pick up the phone to call someone- just because.

Be kind to others and you will be rewarded by the universe. Lend a helping hand whenever and wherever the opportunity arises. Make someone else heart happy and you will experience overwhelming joy in your own heart. Respect the wisdom of the elders and pay homage to their vast knowledge of life. They have lived and learned valuable lessons from the journey of life on which you only just begun.

Remember the courage of your ancestors and all they endured through the generations. Be the person who walks in humility and grace. Live authentically, spiritually and purposely. Do the work needed to Know your ‘truth’ self. Live your life with confidence. Don’t give up on your dreams. Expect good for your life and seek a heart “centered” life. Be brave.

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Clara Freeman is an author and activist. A former nurse, she parlayed her compassion and concerns for human rights into becoming a lifestyle coach who seeks to empower the voice of the "underdog. In 2008, she began writing her motivational blog for women and have since taken on the mission to bring awareness and accountability to injustices involving women and child abuse; Police brutality & crimes against people of color. Clara's work has taken her voice to new heights in her advocacy.

In 2011, she published her inspiring eBook, A Life Toward Authenticity: My Authentic Woman Story, available on and Barnes & Noble Kindle. In October 2013, her Authentic Woman website was chosen among the top 22 essential websites for women by Project In 2017-2018, her works appeared in 5 anthologies, including Fiction International's "World of Pain", Black Lives Have Always Mattered and Michelle Obama's Impact On African-American Woman and Girls. Clara's book, Unleash Your Pearls Empowering Women's Voices was published in 2017.

Certified in leadership and coaching from DePaul University's Hay Project, Clara will always champion women's voices and make a positive impact in the lives of others.


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  1. Clara!!! What a wealth of wisdom,strength, love and character built into this piece you wrote. Wow at the very least it is beautiful!

  2. Thanks Paula,

    I appreciate your comment because it re-enforces my purposeful intent to encourage the authentic truth in other women.


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