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The choices we make every single day are crafting our future; one we either want to live in or avoid. This may sound like we humans have a tremendous responsibility to choose wisely. We do. Yet, there is a tool for building a desirable tomorrow that can be implemented right here, right now, today.  It is to Heed Your Call.

As individuals, entrepreneurs, business owners, spouses, parents, friends, and lovers, it is our birthright to fulfill our unique journeys, yet we can only achieve this if we are willing to leave our known worlds. We need to peel ourselves away from the jobs we aren’t meant to do and relationships that rob us of our energy.

We need to leap into the unknown world of infinite possibility. Children are conditioned to believe they must grow up a certain way and become certain somebodies. Prior to this conditioning, they view every moment as a chance to give birth to life.

In our childhood, there is no end to possibility; nothing can get in the way of our dreams. Unfortunately, this mindset is short lived. We transition into adulthood, taking with us the dogma and programming of our teachers and parents. We carry the weight of their lies on our backs. Lies that tell us ludicrous things like in order to be recognized as successful, you have to be a doctor or a lawyer, and, you’ll never amount to anything if you don’t go to college, and, you can’t be a spiritual seeker and enjoy financial abundance. Lies.

Our backpack of lies becomes heavy and burdensome. It weighs us down and so we settle into our programmed, patterned life. As a result, we end up living inauthentically. We stop attuning our ears to the inner callings we each have to do something, be something, offer something more to the world than we are today. Our lives start to feel suffocating and passionless. The work we do that is a drag, and the relationships we are in that are draining, contribute to a big world of unfulfilled lives. And what happens then is we craft tomorrows of sadness, those that are mundane, and that leave us feeling unfulfilled.

So, what do we do?

We attune our focus to the life we do want. We give attention to the way we each want to feel, and if our actions are not congruent with our heart-centered desires, we jump. We plunge headfirst into new behaviors, new relationships, new thought patterns, and new work. We seek opportunities and experiences that invigorate us, those that are challenging, and that demand we show up as our very best selves.

When we do, when we each heed our calls and set out to fulfill our journeys, the effect of us living harmoniously with our dharma spreads far and wide. All those around us are touched, motivated, and inspired. In turn, they smile more, give more, share more, love bigger and their authentic living heals the world.

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David Howitt is the founder & CEO of Meriwether Group. He is an inspiring thought leader and accomplished entrepreneur with over twenty years of experience providing financial, strategic, and brand counsel to early stage, and Fortune 100 companies. He has the unique ability to integrate vision and growth strategies with mission and purpose, and has provided guidance to Oregon Chai, Stumptown Coffee, Pendleton, adidas, Voodoo Doughnut, Salomon, yogitoes, Klim, Bloch, Dave’s Killer Bread, ABC Carpet & Home, Living Harvest, and many others.

He has manifested an abundant and fulfilling life by following the principles outlined in his book, Heed Your Call. He affirms that by embracing the Power of And, where we unite artistry and analytics, purpose with precision, and integrate intuition with intellect, that we positively affect the way we live and the world around us.

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