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I’d share the deepest things I have learned in these seven decades.

I would tell you that saying “I made a mistake” feels really awful, yet calling it a “learning experience” feels uplifting and growth-producing. I would suggest that “doing work” feels like drudgery, but “having a project” fires up enthusiasm.

I would remind you to take control of your thinking, because if you “think” right, you will “do” right, and if you “do” right, you will “feel” right. And “feeling” right, or good about yourself, feels a lot better than feeling bad about yourself. Remember, you always have a choice of what you want to think.

If you are an older woman, I would ask that you be available for younger, struggling women. Dip into your reservoir of experience so they will know that you have already walked in their shoes. There is a grand verse that says “Let the older women help the younger women to love their husbands, and to love their children.”

So–God has known all along, that sometimes it is very hard to keep the love thing going, and they need support. If their on-going theme is “but I don’t feel loved!”– remind them that “giving love” precedes “feeling loved”–because once you focus on “giving love”–Love surrounds you, fills you, and reaches out to to others in ways never before realized.

I would also tell everyone to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and mind, and your neighbor as yourself” but to never to lose sight that YOU are your own best neighbor if no one else is around. And how you treat yourself says a lot about how you are going to treat that neighbor, because you can never send the Love of God any deeper into the heart of another, than it has already taken root in your own heart.

I would also remind everyone that when God asks us to “bring him wor’ship”–he is asking us to bring to him, the deepest, highest Love imaginable–of OURSELVES! For, the more deeply we love and adore that which Spirit loves and adores (our very own selves)–we are bringing our “worth-ship” to Him in the highest way possible!

When we love and adore ourselves, quit beating ourselves up, when we accept our flaws as flyspecks, when we see others “worth” as important as our own worth– when we are filled with enthusiasm, when we have a continual singing heart, when we are mesmerized by spider webs, when we sense the Spirit in others, when we overlook and arise above the offenses–we have given Spirit our WORTH-Ship!

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I am the wife of one, mother of six, grandmother to twenty, and author of five books. I am a lover of God, people, words, and chocolate--and my grand passion is making quilts for the critically wounded military, under the auspices of (these quilts go directly into hospitals in Iraq and Afghanistan). I also love solitude and Spirit-led conversations.

I was blessed to bring forth a "National Best Seller" in the 70's, titled Thanks Lord, I Needed That! And one other "claim to fame" was doing a quilted wall-hanging of Carol Burnett's great-grandmother's home for her.

The most daring thing I ever did was to co-author a book with a brilliant "gay guy", Jim Pauley, titled Granny and the Gay Guy and have had to face many interesting, challenging attitudes, because of it.

Now I've come into the 21st century and released all my books on Kindle, Nook, etc!

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  1. Wow, thank you so much for this wonderful post. This was just what I needed to hear today! I look forward to reading more of your posts, and I’m glad you left your blog URL so we can all check it out. God bless you for your inspiring work (joy).

  2. Charlene, I just discover Thanks Lord, I Needed That! It has helped me to truly look at my attitudes and motives and place the big question before me when my marriage is struggling. Is my ego more important to me than my marriage? Thank you so much for your humility and wisdom! You’ve reminded me that love is more important than being right.

  3. Dear Char, I first read Thanks Lord, I Needed That in my 20’s. Now, I am in my 60’s and I love that book and all your wisdom! This writing, The Wisdom of 7 Decades is so poignant, spirit filled and exactly on point with what our women’s bible study has been emphasizing. I am so happy to know you are still writing and sharing your gems with us. I knew your family because I worked for Gene at the appliance store in Dunlap for 2 summers while I was in school. Love to you and your family!

    1. Am reading This Is Really For The Birds right now and i pray i will someday have the love and faith in God you do. You are such an inspiration. Thank you.

  4. Thanks for reminding us that no matter who we are or where we are at this moment, we have something to contribute. Great job Granny !!

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