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You are not a result of your circumstances, you are a result of your choices. It is not the experiences you are presented with in life that define you, but instead how you deal with them. It is how you grow from them. It not the fact that you have faced difficulties in your life, but instead it is who you become while facing them.

You are not a result of your circumstances, you are a result of your choices.

In every moment you get the choice to be inspirational. Or not.
In every moment you get the choice to be your most remarkable self. Or not.
In every moment you get the choice to listen to your heart. Or not.
In every moment you get the choice to empower yourself. Or not.
In every moment you get the choice to build your ideal future. Or not.
In every moment you get the choice to engage with the world. Or not.
In every moment you get the choice to say yes to life. Or not.
In every moment you get the choice to embody your potential. Or not.

This is it. It is really that simple.

You are either inspirational or you’re not.
You are either fully engaging with your life or you’re not.
You are either driven by the energy of love or you’re not.
You are either following your passions or you’re not.
You are either consciously creating your future or you’re not.

You get to make these same choices everyday. So, I ask – What do you choose? And how are these choices creating the life you are living every day?

What are you choosing when you….. Engage in drama or gossip? Are scrolling through the endless feeds of social media? Continue to work in a job you hate? Zone out in front of the television? Stay in that relationship that’s only bringing you pain?

These are all choices. And, whether consciously or not, you are the only one who has the opportunity to choose for yourself in every moment. It’s those internal choices you make that inevitably create your external reality.

What if, instead, you were to….. Choose to be inspirational. Choose to be committed. Choose to revolutionize the way you love. Choose to follow your heart. Choose to say yes to your passions. Choose to embrace your remarkable future.

What if those choices changed your life? What if those internal choices created your ideal external reality? Because changing your life is as simple as changing your choices.

How would your life change if you chose….. presence over numbness? compassion over judgement? love over fear? passion over obligation? living over observing?

And as a result, how would the world then change around you?

I say… Choose to be inspirational. Choose to live. Choose to feel your emotions – yes, all of them. Choose passion. Choose to love everyone. Choose to be present to your choices and create the life you want to be living, because there is really no other way.

Seriously. I dare you.

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Bri Seeley is a multi-talented and passionate entrepreneur. Whether designing, coaching, or writing, Bri is dedicated to inspiring women to BE women. Bri mentors women to create inspirational lives - from achieving clarity in their visions to making an impact with their gifts, she works with them to live life on their terms. She is the author of The Inspirational Women Project, as well as the leader of the eponymous movement, and will be launching a women's conference in Los Angeles in 2016.

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  1. This article is a good read Bri.I am motivated to make the right choices today and for all the days to come.if we choose to give up on ourselves life will give up on us.However, i cannot stop wondering why do we make incorrect choices? sometimes we make choices thinking that it is a right thing to do only to discover at a later point in life that it was an incorrect choice.All major events of our life like birth of a child,marriage,accidents seem to be influenced by the choices we made, however destiny also plays a role in it.The message I get from ur article though is to bounce back and not to let past influence our present.

    1. Absolutely! I don’t believe in “incorrect” choices. But I do believe that if we are making choices from our present perspective, we’ll continue to get results aligned with our present. What would it look like to make decisions about your future…. FROM your future?

  2. Love this, Bri! It’s so easy (and tempting!) to get swept up in that feeling of life as something that just happens TO or around us, as though our role is just a passive one, along for the ride. Where we are victims of circumstances decided for us instead of being those who consciously decide. Because that has totally been my comfort zone before. The “woe is me”, pity party zone. The “I can’t do anything about this so I’m not going to even try” zone. The power of choice can feel like a burden but you said it best when you wrote “This is it. It is really that simple”. Such a great reminder that if we want something in our world to change in a massive, remarkable, significant way then it’s best to start those changes from within. Can’t wait to share this little truth bomb article all around.

    1. Thanks for your message Lauren! I love your insights about it 🙂 And I absolutely believe that the ONLY way to change anything is to first do it within ourselves. Everything must exist inside of us, before it can be expressed on the outside!

  3. Such a good post Bri and so relevant to me right now as I feel I have been living someone elses life for the past 30 years. Its good to know though that its never to late to make a change and take steps towards living the life you love. Thank you, Henare

    1. Hi Henare! I’m so happy you found value in this! I would love to hear more about the change and steps you’ll be taking to live YOUR life instead of someone elses! Love + Leaps, Bri

      1. Thanks Bri. Family was a big part of my life and will always be, but outside of that it was (re)discovering those things that I love and was passionate about and prioritizing them in my life, career and where I live. The next was to learn that I am worthy of my love rather than always giving to everyone else, prioritising my needs and learning to be my biggest cheerleader rather than my biggest critic. And finally, learning that its OK to ask for help and not have to have all the answers all the time (Phew!)

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