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Today’s Brilliance

Jim Donovan

Finding Serenity

If you’ve read any of my books, you’ve read about the “Serenity Prayer.” This is a simple prayer, first used by Reinhold Niebuhr around 1934 and later given, by him, to Bill Wilson for use in Alcoholics Anonymous. This simple prayer became one of the “tools” that saved my life more than once when I was in the early days of my recovery and trying to piece my life back to together. I would recite it every day as a way to keep things in perspective and it has been a great help to me since. There are many times in our life when… Read more.

From Our Blog

Celebrating Couple

Winning The Lottery Of Life

I’m in Las Vegas for a few days, taking a speaker’s training workshop with the incomparable, Les Brown. As I was walking to our conference room this morning, I had to walk through the casino. I’m not a gambler, rarely walk through casinos, and I felt like I was experiencing sensory overload on this short walk. There were slot machines everywhere, and at each, someone was already aimlessly feeding its voracious appetite. The vast majority of the folks there were over 70, obese, smoking, drinking (in the morning!) and looked haggard and defeated by life. Perhaps they’d been gambling all… Read more.

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How To Work With Your New Year’s Intentions

Here we are again, at the time of year when we are invited to change our lives by making New Year’s resolutions.  So we set goals, but after the first few weeks they begin to fade.  Why does that happen?  Because healing does not come from trying to make yourself or your life into what you think it should be.  In fact, whatever you want to get rid of you actually empower (and if you look closely, you will see most of your goals are about getting rid of something you don’t like so you can get to what you perceive as the… Read more.


Use Your New Year Wisely

This New Year gives us the gift of more than 525,600 minutes. Many of us say we “don’t have enough time”, but for this next year, as with all other ones, we all get the same amount of time- about 525,600 minutes. What we do with the gift of these minutes determines the quality of our life, the level of our happiness, the value of the memories we create and the difference we can make in the world. Our lives are determined by how we choose to live our 525,000 minutes each year. Minutes spent stressed or worrying are wasted…. Read more.

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Ask a Luminary

Are You Aligned with God?

“I want to be closer to God. I’ve tried prayer and meditation, but I’m not hearing the answers I thought I’d hear. What have you found that works in creating a closer bond with the Divine?” ~ Judy, Tallahassee, FL Dear Judy, I believe that God is with us, inside us and around us at all times, and that God works through us to expand and grow. I use a “commitment question” to connect with the Divine. I ask myself, “How may I best embody supportive love, appreciation and gratitude in every moment?” Supportive love is unconditional. God gives you… Read more.

Books & Events


Alone Together

Alone Together shares the moving heartfelt autobiographical stories of a woman named, Stella, as she grows from a child to an adult. Along the way she suffers from abuse that makes her portray a false outward appearance of happiness, while burying her pain and anguish deep within.
With the help of friends who have heartbreaking stories of their own, Stella slowly realizes her true purpose and takes command of her life.

Through Stella’s eyes you’ll gain insight into your own life, and discover tools that awaken you to the power you have to reshape your internal beliefs. You’ll learn uplifting lessons that transform your self-image and enable you to:
· Develop “internal self-talk” that is positive and life affirming
· Forgive yourself for your past and take responsibility for your actions
· Take control of your self-esteem and become your brightest light
· Release limiting beliefs that inhibit you from living with passion
· Grant yourself permission to make mistakes and learn from them

When you purchase Alone Together 75% of profits will go to charities around the world like Women’s Foundation, Women In Crisis and Hope House.

To Purchase Alone Together, please click on the link below:
Alone Together Amazon Page

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. The views expressed in the product and the above content are solely the author’s.

Empowering Courses

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Be a Divine Conduit for Guides & Angels

Do you long to create a direct connection with your guides, angels, saints and holy ones who are continually with us?

Are you ready to become a Divine conduit–to step into a place where ascended masters and teachers can communicate with you clearly and completely?

Would you like to learn to communicate with the departed–beloved ancestors, friends and family who seek to support and encourage you?

Indeed, these are simple tasks, available to everyone! In this intensive, emotionally rich and joyous course, you will learn how to simply and easily create direct connection with the Divine beings who are waiting to communicate with you.

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Attract Genuine Abundance

If you want to create miracles you can see and feel in your life, you are ready to learn the real secrets of the Law of Attraction. In this on-line course from best-selling author Gay Hendricks, you will learn how to use manifestation to make your dreams come true.

Gay Hendricks has spent a lifetime and some hard-learned lessons gaining priceless insight into the manifestation process. Through this program, he shares his wisdom in ways that are simple and highly effective.

This 8 week course shares detailed information on how to make the Law of Attraction work for you and how to avoid two critical mistakes that cause most manifestation projects to fail. It contains powerful audio and video, along with instructions to help you master the Five Wishes Practices and liberate the full power of the Law of Attraction to work miracles in your life.

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