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How You Can Embrace Your Spiritual Self

One moment we’re asleep… the next, we wake up. That Divine alarm clock starts buzzing and blaring, and the next thing you know it, you’re having a consciousness shift, an unexpected heart opening, a knock-your-socks off wake up call – whether you’re ready or not. For many of us, it’s the darkest hours that lead us to the dawn. My own personal spiritual awakening was the result of some grim years indeed: a near death experience followed by PTSD, followed by the death of my father, followed by a divorce. Whew! And yet, at this very lowest point in my… Read more.

How Does Karma Work In My Life?

“I am getting confused…. I thought that we agreed to have a human experience in order to learn certain lessons like compassion, self reliance, gratitude, etc… and if we have not learned these lessons in previous lives, we will need to keep trying to master them in future lives… but now I am being told that past karma has nothing to do with our lessons in our present lives? I guess another way of asking the question is – many people tell me that if you were a serial killer in this life, then you may be a Holocaust victim… Read more.

How Attitude and Discipline Can Rock Your Life

How Do I Find My Purpose?

“How can you begin to uncover your life purpose?” ~ Karrin, Milton Keynes Our life purpose is at the core of who we are and many times it manifests itself in places that we least expect. Let me share three places to help you begin to examine, learn, and potentially uncover your life purpose. 1. Peak Experience: Consider your peak experience in life so far. What took place? What were you doing? Who were you being? What made it a peak experience for you? In this experience, signs of your life purpose may exist. Get curious about what happened. What… Read more.

Trusting in God

If this were my last day on Earth and I had to tell my kids some words to live by, I would tell them to trust God fully to have a happy life. It’s a really hard concept to submit to and one we all resist in many ways our whole life but it’s so important. So many difficult things that happened to me in my life have happened to bring me to a new and much better spot than I could have thought possible. Divorce, job changes, relationships beginning or ending, have all made a huge difference in the… Read more.

3 Principles of Self Care

It takes extreme self care and love to build your best physical body. Your physical body is what houses your amazing soul. So you’ll need a strong vibrant building for your very precious life. Here are three principles for getting your body, your head and your heart in this game of body “building”, a Personal Promise, and 10 Ways to Achieve Rockstar Status. 3 PRINCIPLES OF SELF CARE 1. Lose the Fake Stuff and Get Real (Get your body in the game!) You only get one body and it’s an awesome one. Not only is it your right, but it is your… Read more.

How Can I Be More Confident?

“How can I be more confident in life and the future?” ~ Gwen, Grenoble, France Confidence is an inside-out issue, meaning that it first must come from within, before it can be truly expressed on the outside. First, discover the areas of life in which you are not confident. Start by taking note of what things you do not have confidence about. For example, many people are not confident in speaking their opinions, and others do not feel confident in their appearance, etc. Write down a list of specific qualities that you would like to feel more confident about. Once… Read more.

Let Music Illuminate Your Life

Music is one of God’s greatest gifts to humanity – it transcends all of the arts, delivers crystal clarity, touches every chakra and can make you scream for joy or cry a thousand emotions away in one passage. Better yet, the universal power of music can be applied to the way we communicate, work, play and most importantly, the way in which we really listen to one another. Furthermore, the core elements of music can literally create alignment and harmony in our everyday lives! Why should we expect anything less from the world’s undisputed international language? From the moment we… Read more.

Wishing You a Wonderful Holiday

On this beautiful Christmas morning, I wish you peace and love. May you be blessed with a heart that understands abundance and always have plenty to share with others. May you be kind to others and experience kindness in return. May you know that you are not only good enough, but already perfect, just the way you are. May you share compassion, knowing that everyone else is also doing the best they can. May you trust in the infinite wisdom that is there for all of us, and realize that you are a part of something so much greater than… Read more.

Design Your Ideal Life

You truly have the power to live your life by design. This concept of “creating your reality” is not just some “personal development” idea designed to create a sense of empowerment or give people a positive outlook, though it has been used in that way. What changed my life, however, was finally seeing the Truth that we – consciously or not – are at the cause of our experience, pleasant or unpleasant. I see people wasting years of their lives trying to find the reasons “out there” as to why things aren’t going how they wish they were. I did… Read more.

New Year’s Eve, Drop All That No Longer Serves Behind You

Before midnight on New Year’s Eve, take some time to reflect upon on your past. This past year and as far as you can remember. Refrain from going into story about the past or reliving old memories,  just reflect. And everything that you don’t want to drag into 2014 with you, drop it. Drop it like the ball that falls in Times Square each year. Drop it like a hot potato and let it go once and for all. Leave the past in the past so that you can move into 2014 with clear unencumbered focus. Between Christmas and New Year’s Eve… Read more.

How to Determine If You’re a Media Addict (and what to do about it!)

Use Your Time Wisely… Simple Lessons for Daily Life

I would begin with the notion that time is our most precious inventory, and that the quality of our lives reflects how and where and with whom we spend it. The tragedy of modern life resides in the everyday Faustian exchange of time for false promises and trivial distraction. Free time is the only meaningful measure of a free society, and real freedom is always defined and defended by the option not to participate. As with knowledge and wisdom and peace, therefore, the path to freedom is subtractive, not additive. Things to do on a daily basis… 1. Whatever your… Read more.

Why Am I So Alone?

“Why do I always feel lonely? Everyone underestimates me, but I am here for some purpose, I know…. But my silence keeps people from talking to me.” ~ Arun, Delhi, India Hello Arun, You are not alone. Loneliness is a universal human emotion, complex and unique to each individual. Loneliness is not necessarily about being alone, but more about the perception of being alone. Separation, isolation and loneliness are enormous challenges for any human being. These feelings can be devastating to physical and mental health. What causes separation, this profound feeling of loneliness and isolation that so many struggle with… Read more.

Express Yourself!

Freedom is letting go of your limitations and expressing your true self! How often have you been in a situation where you really wanted to say something but were afraid to speak up because of what people might think of you? Maybe you wanted to change your career but knew that “you’d never hear the end of it”…. What if you could have a magic wand and change all of that? I remember years ago being in one of those situations where I came across opposition to the decisions I had made about my own future. I was sitting at… Read more.

How Can I Let Go of Negative Thoughts?

“I am sad about my marriage of 40 years being over. I have tried so hard to save it but we are just on different vibrations. What do I do with my negative thoughts when they come up??” ~ Kathy Rose, Los Angeles, CA Firstly, Kathy, I would ask that you be loving and kind to yourself. Coming to this realization is not an easy one and I am sure it is not a decision you have taken lightly. Forgiveness of yourself and of your spouse is helpful. Knowing that you have tried and you are both taking the best… Read more.

Life Secrets of the Butterfly, as told to her young

Fear and love feel the same when first you feel them. Fear is like moving from a flame, Love is like flying into it. Love will make you do things only a silly fool would do, but only if it is true love. True love may appear to hurt, but it will never injure you. It may stir the senses, but never leave you senseless. True love will call you to places that you never knew existed. True love is a stream that always runs in the driest times. Beware the spider, true but the strongest web is woven by… Read more.

Accept No Limits

The greatest lesson I have learned is that we are truly unlimited beings. It seems easy to believe all that we have been told, “Life is hard”, “You have to work hard and sacrifice to get ahead”, “Life sucks then you die” but none of these hold any truth with our soul. When you connect with yourself truly and deeply, life flows and can seem magical. WE are the ones causing our own limitations. In hearing and getting to know the true us, our soul, we become limitless. Learning to love and forgive ourselves for acting from what we knew… Read more.

How Can I Stop Being Depressed?

“What is the spiritual solution for persistent depression that has been longstanding and difficult to understand in terms of why it is present?” ~ Lulu, Cape Coral, FL Dear Lulu, Depression plagues many individuals. I resist cookie-cutter responses because there can be multiple factors contributing to the problem: situational, medical / chemical, and, of course underlying these, karmic. It does no one any good to ponder the causative “why” of depression because that is effectively crystal ball gazing in hopes that a response will provide relief. It won’t. Unless one is a genuine master able to identify specific karmic origins, none can… Read more.

Inspiration by the Dozen… 12 Thoughts on Life

Share that which you know to be most important. Seize opportunities to pass on knowledge. Enable others to find and utilize their own gifts. If you can get eggs, red roses, or doughnuts by the dozen . . . why not get something as uplifting as inspiration imparted that way? Here are my 12 thoughts on living life fully: It costs nothing to give a compliment or a smile to a friend or even a stranger. Indulge in these acts often. Never have I felt that a kind word was wasted; however, a negative thought or utterance can carry on… Read more.

Step Out of the Rush and Into Your Own Life

Before you can step out of the rush and into your own life, you must first see that while anxious, hurried feelings often lend a temporary sense of self-importance, these same racing emotions actually rob you of the power you need to be self-commanding. A brief investigation will confirm this finding. Self-command begins with being able to choose your own direction in life. And whether you’re caught in the raging current of a white-water river, or being swept along by a flood of invisible thoughts and feelings, one fact remains: Like it or not, you’re going where that current goes…. Read more.

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