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“I have reached a high level of spiritualism in the past 3 years. I find it difficult to interact with family and friends. They don’t seem to understand me. Their negativity makes me almost physically ill. I find myself enjoying just being alone. Not sure if that is good or not but I am extremely happy. Do others have the same issues?” ~  PJ, Parma

Being alone is a very important part of the spiritual journey. In an overly noisy world it’s difficult to find the quiet necessary to cultivate inner perception, and solitude is one way to do that. The values of the spiritual path are seldom in alignment with those of our society, so it comes as no surprise that friends and family may not understand you and may even be concerned for your welfare.

Holding your center when others are unsympathetic to your passion is not easy, but it is essential if you are to come into your fullest expression. It is also important if our societal values are to change.

In time you may find that new relationships with those who share your interests will emerge. It is a gift when you can connect with those who can support you and offer guidance.

But it is also helpful to remember that the people in your life are there for a reason. In the push-pull of difficult relationships two things can happen.One is that, over time, you are strengthened. Sometimes our greatest teachers can be those who are most irritating.

The other thing that can happen is that your influence can create openings for others as they watch the changes you go through. When you become more loving and compassionate, it makes an impact.

You can also speed that impact by working at an energetic level with people with whom you clash. For instance, in meditation, you can surround them in light or hold them in your heart. You can speak with them, higher self to higher self. You can offer prayers on their behalf. These can be very effective in helping other grows spiritually – something that will also enhance your relationship with them.

It is always helpful to remember that people are at different stages of their journey and that who they are today is not necessarily an indication of who they will be tomorrow.

Paul Rademacher

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Paul Rademacher is Editor of Inner Story Magazine and CEO of Lucid Greening – a crowdfunding platform for projects based in spirituality and consciousness development. He is a former Executive Director of The Monroe Institute, known for its pioneering work in the exploration of human consciousness.

He graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity Degree in 1985 and served as a Presbyterian pastor from 1985 to 2000. He is a former building contractor, designer, and journeyman carpenter. Paul is an acclaimed public speaker, seminar leader, artist, closet musician, husband, and father of three.

His book, A Spiritual Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe: Travel Tips for the Spiritually Perplexed, was published in 2009.

Paul’s blog can be found at

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  1. Thank you Paul for your insight. It really means a lot to me and what you suggest makes sense. I will continue on my journey and work to create love and tenderness for those you don’t understand.

    ‘You can’t discover your SOUL PURPOSE unless you SEEK IT’ My little quote

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