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There will be many people you meet in this life that do not like you; don’t be one of them. Place your concern on the opinion of the person you see most – YOU. You owe it to yourself and the Universe to make peace with whatever is causing you pain. Be kind, forgiving, and patient. Know that you deserve — and are worthy — of your own love and respect. When you believe this with every ounce of your being, everything else will fall into place.

There is a lot of negativity in this world; don’t let it bring you down. You have the power to choose who you spend your time with, the messages you listen to, and the images you view. Become aware of the inexhaustible supply of positivity that exists; it’s energy enriching and always the better choice. Uplift yourself and inspire others in the process.

Life is full of challenges; let them fuel you, not wear you out. Let kindness and gratitude be a way of life – especially when it’s hard. Spend your time focusing on the good, the things for which you can be grateful, the kindness that shows up unexpectedly. These things are abundantly scattered around you. Make it your mission to find them.

Change is scary; be brave. There can be comfort in familiarity, even when it’s painful. Venture beyond what you know, who you know, and where you are in your life. Take a leap. Lean into the discomfort of change and be open to new perspectives and opportunities.

Detours are inevitable; make them fun! Just when you think you have it all figured out, life is going to show up and send you in a different direction. It may not be the route you wanted to take or the avenue you wanted to travel, but keep your eyes – and your heart – open to the magical adventures that show up in your path. Detours can be the catalyst for the most amazing transformations. Celebrate the chance to go somewhere you’ve never been.

Teachers are all around us; be ready to learn. The most important lessons you will learn in your life will not take place in a classroom. Your teachers will not all be professors, and experts, and gurus. Some will show up in unlikely disguises. Some you will know, others you will meet. Some will show up on the pages of a book or magazine, others may be on a television set or movie screen. Some will be old and wise, others will be young and curious. Some will be an inspiring example, others will be an example of what NOT to do.

But all will have something to teach that will enrich your life if you are an attentive student. Watch, listen, and learn. And remember that knowledge is never enough. It’s what you do with what you learn. Be ready to apply the lesson. Be willing to take action.

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Having risen above the challenges of her dysfunctional past, Lanette Pottle is a success strategist, mentor, and coach. She co-authored, Success University for Women in Leadership, an Amazon #1 International Best-Seller, is author of the soon-to-be released (11/14/18) book, Small Steps Big Impact: A Year of Simple Actions to Transform your Life and is founder of Positivity Nation. Lanette lives her version of 'the good life' in small town Maine.


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  1. love that you acknowledge teachers all around us. Formal education offers so little when compared to life’s experiences. Keep up the great writing! Love it!

  2. ALWAYS inspiring me Lanette! Thank you! Now it’s up to me to DO SOMETHING with this knowledge you have armed me with…… I will go make a difference today!!!!!

  3. Very well said Lanette! Congratulations on your successes! I enjoy reading your weekly newsletter, articles, video and conference call! ~Wendy

  4. A year ago I attended a Goals Workshop by Lanette. While my goals fluctuated a bit, she definitely help me get more accomplished this year than I had ever imagined!

  5. I so needed this today Lanette! Despair, hopelessness and overwhelming hurt keeps coming at me in huge waves…it’s so hard to stay afloat and not be overcome. Your message is my hope to cling to today. Change is so scary, being alone sucks, but God has always given me the people, my angels, that will help me overcome, be my inspiration and help guide me through the hell and dream of better days, a better way. Thank you for being one of those people! <3. Trying to stay positive…

    1. The thought of change is MUCH scary than change itself. I hope you’ll spend a few minutes today, pull out your notes, and focus on your “I AM” statements. You are stronger than you think, Bonnie. Everything is going to be okay. Sending you a big hug and tons of positive vibes xoxo

  6. Brilliant words of wisdom, Lanette! Thank you for sharing your positivity with us and for your inspiration. The world can never get enough of these kinds of thoughts. I so admire you and this path you have chosen. It is definitely a good one! Looking forward to hearing more from you! xo

    1. Lannette, I am so proud to call you sister. You are moving forward and inspiring me to do the same. Keep moving!!

  7. Awesome!!! Lanette has such a passion (purpose if you will) for helping and empowering others. She is such a blessing to me and many others. Great job Lanette. Thank You for all that you do.

  8. “Be Happy” “Love Yourself”

    Why not just “BE RICH” “BE FAMOUS”

    If only these things were as easy to do as just saying them, what about the person that someone how reads this living impoverished in some war torn country, this advice is only applicable to middle class people with some self confidence and no immediate strife.

    This is just more in the never-ending saga of “Just think good things and then they happen” mindset, real life is about struggle, anguish, separation, suffering…. just because someone is unhappy doesn’t mean their life is in ruin, to truly experience happiness you have to experience the very lowest of lows, and not be discouraged by failure. You are going to fail, and you are going to fail often, and if you are unhappy that’s okay.

    Don’t count on the universe, count on yourself, struggle and scrape your way to the top, people suck, you don’t have to. I wish I was so easily inspired, but vapid advice never seems to benefit me.

    1. You are right, John. It’s not easy. We all fail. I have known struggle, anguish, separation, and suffering. And no, it did not ruin my life. It made things difficult but ultimately all of those experiences have made me stronger.

      It wasn’t as simple as thinking “good thoughts”, it’s was making a decision that these experiences weren’t going to define who I am. I choose to find lessons in every experience, be thankful for every bright spot in a dark tunnel, and live my life in a way that demonstrates my love and appreciation for others.

      One size does not fit all. But I know this approach to life to work for me — not in theory but in practice. I am 100% responsible for how I choose to respond to every situation. As are you.

      I wish you nothing but the best on your journey.

  9. Thank you so much for your words,they are inspiring.
    But overcoming fear can hold you back when your head is not in the right place,but this is going to help me i do hope

    1. It takes work, Paquita, but you can overcome your fears and live the life you deserve. You are worth the effort. I hope today marks the start of a change for you. Sending you love.

  10. Very good advice, sometimes going “back to basics” is exactly what we need to do. Each of these tips could be focused on as a stand-alone, together they form a cohesive whole.

  11. It’s so important what we “choose” to believe. Thanks Lanette for all the positive energy you’re bringing to my life!

  12. Lannette

    Read your article
    Very effective
    Trying to implement
    But its very hard every time,
    I need much more material to help me

    Please give more tips

  13. Great article – such words of wisdom! Thank you for all that you do and Thank you for the difference you make!

  14. I love this, especially the last bit…”And remember that knowledge is never enough. It’s what you do with what you learn. Be ready to apply the lesson. Be willing to take action.” Thanks for the reminder! <3

    1. Action is gold, Julie… Something we all– myself included — need to be reminded of from time to time. Knowing something intellectually and putting it into practice are two very different things.

  15. I think Lanette’s insights are always spot on and easy to “hear.” She is an inspiration for me!

  16. This is such a powerful message explained in the simplest of terms that can make our lives better. Its truly amazing how you made it look so easy and it definitely makes me a look at things in a different perspective. Thank you Lanette.

  17. Thank you very much, Lanette! You’ve provided me with the perfect parting gift to my students. Tomorrow is their final exam and I was thinking of giving them some inspirational quotes or an article to encourage and guide them on their journey. Was about to switch off my laptop after long hours of work when I decided to read today’s brilliance… Yes, I am happy and extremely grateful, the Universe always provides what I/we need… So it is! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Love & blessings. Namasté!

  18. “You have the power to choose who you spend your time with, ” – No not always. If you are the sole full time carer for a disabled person then your only choice is to stay or walk away. And how do you walk away from a person who relies on you.

    1. Artemis: Choosing to be a full time care provider speaks volumes about values and your heart. My encouragement to you would be to surround yourself with a support system. Look into your community — both physical and online — for resources to help nurture you through this process. (Here is a place you may start: Take advantage of respite care opportunities and nourish your soul and spirit with uplifting materials … books, videos, audios etc. We do not always control our circumstances but we can control how we respond to them. Wishing you peace & love.<3

  19. Wow! I love browsing the net and seeing your work published. You are shining. I love your teachings when I’m in a funk; it’s gets me back on track and moving forward.

    1. Thank you, Kelly. It always makes me smile when I hear my work is making an impact. <3 I'm glad you find it helpful.

  20. Thanks Lanette for a truly inspiring article! I was so honored to be on your Share Your Brilliance chat on Positivity Nation to highlight the beauty of working with a nonprofit, in my case, the Iowa Women’s Foundation.I am so excited for your book launch and mine the next day!

    1. Denise, I’m so glad you found this article inspiring. The work you are doing in the word is making such a positive difference. It was my honor to have you on the show. Looking forward to reading your book… have fun with the launch!!

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