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Every day you wake up is the start of a new beginning, a second chance. You can choose how you want to spend your day – happy, sad, frustrated or angry. Are you going to follow your dreams, your passions or are you going to go through the drudgery of the day, as you have done in previous times?

Dream big, really big. Follow your dreams, your heart, your passion. Make something of yourself. Why should you not? Put your dreams out to the universe and it will conspire to make them happen. Never lose sight of your dreams and give in to mediocrity.

Complain less and appreciate more. You will find you have more to appreciate. You cannot change what has happened and complaining will keep you miserable.

Smile, laugh, give out good vibrations, share your happiness, it’s contagious. Feel blessed that you have a roof over your head, food in your fridge, clothes in your wardrobe and a family that loves you. Appreciate everything you have, for there are those who don’t have what you have.

Be creative, find things that make you feel good. Come alive making things of value. Be happy, doing what you do.

Enjoy the little things, see and smell the flowers, blue skies and sunshine. Listen for the wind in the trees and the laughter of children. Soak it all in. It looks, feels, smells and sounds great and costs nothing.

Don’t judge people as you have no idea what they are going through. Look for the good in everyone you meet and praise it. Help others without any expectation of anything in return. Practice random acts of kindness, one at a time.

Be with people who make you laugh, who understand you, love you for who you are, not what you are or who you might be.

Live life on your own terms, do what you want. Don’t fear those who think you are crazy. Life is for living, enjoy it your way without comparing yourself to others. You are unique, so stop trying to be normal.

If opportunity isn’t knocking on your door, then go beyond your fears, step out of your comfort zone, learn whatever you can, whenever you can and start building doors for it to knock on. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and do not let fear stop you from growing. Believe in yourself.

There is no such thing as failure, there are only learning curves. Find the lesson, learn from it and move on. You will be wiser.

When you think you are being rejected, take stock, are you really, or is because there a new direction to pursue. Don’t look back, appreciate what you still have and look into your new future.

When you think about giving up, look at what you have achieved. You have travelled a long road to be where you are now. One step in front of the other. Keep going. Even a stumble is a forward movement. You CAN do it.

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Sarah Dawkins, RN, BSc (Hons), MSc, AMC.

Helping you to heal yourself naturally.

Sarah is a Registered Nurse, Health Coach and Teacher/Trainer and is writing a book about healing yourself through natural means, without pharmaceutical medications.




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    1. Thank you for taking the time to leave me a comment Monomosuke. You certainly are unique, there is no one in the world quite like you. What is “normal” anyway? Keep being you and be the best you that you can be 😉

  1. It’s amazing how someone can put into words the thoughts you’ve had for years. Thank you for your intuitive and inspiring post. Susan

  2. learning curves, fa(i)ling forward: each of your items is salient, brilliant and considered: thank you, thank you, thank you

  3. Excellent and a timely reminder to be constantly aware of where we are at in our thoughts each day. Much appreciated. Thank you.

  4. Life is not going to be getting shorter much longer with all of our new discoveries and technologies so go ahead and write a invite for a new celebration and ask for the window of opportunity to open the doors to new sojourns. BYOB-Be your own boss because only you can travel on your road and own it. Be the Oddessy and love it. It’s fun to keep them guessing where you are going.

  5. I am a soccer coach Sarah. I love my job for the very reason that every player is different and every person is different. I would love to get over the fact that every person is an adventure, unique. There are over 8 billion people on the planet and they all know something that I don’t. Over 8 billion teachers. May God richly bless you in the work you are doing. Aren’t people great? Please take care but at the same time please take risks. Love to all.

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