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I have experienced a life-changing event that almost killed me. I would like to share some lessons I have learned that continue to guide me on my journey through life.

Overcoming Obstacles

We are all presented with obstacles everyday in many different forms, some big, some small. Obstacles can test and push you and everyone around you to their absolute limit. As with any experience that you have in life, your perception can make all the difference.

If you look upon the obstacle as a devastating tragedy that you will never recover from, that is exactly what it will be. If you see it as a challenge and an opportunity, then that will be your experience.

Finding Your Path

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said, “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!” We all dream. Some people have faith in those dreams and act upon them. Others just continue to dream without acting and those dreams can become the source of anger and resentment and, ultimately, regret.

I truly believe that if we are not following our true path in life, the universe will intervene in some form to get us on track. Sometimes that bigger plan that we are unaware of unfolds through unexplained and often unwanted events.

Progress Not Perfection

We live in a very results-oriented society. It’s very easy in any situation to decide how well you should be doing, particularly if you’re comparing your progress to someone else’s.

We are all individuals that progress at a different pace. The trouble is, while we are looking at and focusing on where we have not gotten to, we are unable to see or appreciate the distance we have already traveled and the improvements made along the way.

You have to have tremendous faith. I think faith is taking steps without knowing where you will end up or what it will look like when you get there but, just starting out on that journey anyway without any guarantees.

From Tragedy to Transformation

Life is a precious gift that needs to be enjoyed to its fullest at every moment. You never know when the rug can get pulled from under you. I believe that Angels can come into our lives in many different forms even in the form of tragedies and accidents.

My accident has afforded me the opportunity of restarting and resetting my life path, which is one of the few things in life that we do have control of. Everyone has the power to take the first step towards the life of your dreams.

I was given a second chance at life. Some people aren’t that lucky, so I try to live it fully everyday and I invite you to make a conscious choice to live your life fully, and not just exist.

I don’t think any of us experiences anything that we can’t handle, even if we don’t know we can handle it at the time it happens. In rising to overcome those difficulties, our lives become more enriched and we grow.

Choose to try more than you choose to quit and I assure you, you’ll succeed more than you fail. Choose to give more than you take and I think you might find that the rewards are limitless.

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Jennifer Field is one of those rare people with an infectious personality – one that defines the human resilience, determination, hope, and aspiration. Having had many challenges in life, Jennifer has constructed five distinct life lessons, which make her extremely unique. Jennifer’s inspirational story, and lessons learned, will be invaluable tools for any organization, large and small.

“It was easily one of our best presentations in the twenty five years that we have been holding the conference!”

— Steven Wade, Executive Director, 
Brain Injury Association of New Hampshire

Jennifer has gained resilience to overcome life’s most challenging obstacles and determination to improve the human condition against insurmountable odds. She has looked death in the eyes and turned her head in a new direction. Jennifer’s mission is to be of service and to continually spread her message of hope for a better day tomorrow. What is incredible about Jennifer, is her aspiration to never give up or give in. She sets a very high example for people in business and in life to use her characteristics to create personal and professional success.

"Jennifer’s extraordinary outcome must be recognized as one that can only come about with persistence and immense strength of character. Her relentlessness has been stunning. She is a great example."

— Henry Betts, MD
Past Medical Director, President & CEO Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

At age 17, Jennifer had her sights set on the Olympics as a world class equestrian rider, when it all came crashing down following a near fatal car accident that left her comatose and brain damaged. Unable to walk, talk, or eat on her own, over the next ten years Jennifer battled physical, mental and emotional obstacles to regain her life and independence. Against all odds, Jennifer fought back and graduated Magna Cum Laude From Wheaton College, to become a sought after professional speaker.

Jennifer’s 20-30 keynote speeches at corporate and industry association meetings, medical societies and conferences each year inspire, motivate, and move a variety of audiences to think differently about Brain Injury, gain introspection into their personal and professional challenges and opportunities, and how to seize the very essence of the human spirit to overcome obstacles.

A contributor to The Manual of Traumatic Brain Injury Management by The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, Jennifer is the president of the J. Field Foundation, which focuses on providing aid, hope and inspiration to suffering families of brain injury victims.

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  1. thank you from the depths of my heart. This is exactly what i needed to read today in order to remain focused on my own path,which includes overcoming an extremely difficult health challenge. The authenticity if your words touched me in a unique way. Thank you..

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