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The thrill of soaring comes with the fear of falling. Despite that, we should all aspire in life to dream big. There is so much opportunity just waiting for you – if you are willing to be consistent and persistent, there is no doubt you can achieve your dreams.

It helps to discover who you truly are and live in a way that is authentic to yourself. You must do what you can to discover your truth… to achieve a deep connection with yourself and then with other people.

Think about who you are now. If you are seeing habits, traits and behaviors in yourself that do not benefit you, make plans to change them. You will know you have habits, traits and behaviors that do not benefit you because you will not feel fulfilled in one or more of these areas:

  • Living the life you have dreamed of
  • Having the career or business you want
  • Experiencing the type of marriage and other relationships you crave
  • Possessing the kind of financial security you desire

You might be missing something in your life, including love, joy and passion. So evaluate yourself and determine which habits, traits or behaviors you need to change in order to have and be all that you desire.

Every one of us can change our lives dramatically, and that allows us to help change the lives of others. Take time for yourself. When you can abundantly give to yourself, you can also give more to others.

Raise your level of certainty by becoming inspired. The inspiration that comes from your purpose is within you. That is emotional vitality. You can give yourself an anchor by finding your purpose and being inspired.

Take responsibility for the energy you bring into every situation. Realize that you, and only you, can control how you think, feel, act and be. If you go into a situation with the wrong energy, take a step back, take a deep breath and choose the correct energy with which to approach that situation. Do not allow circumstances or other people to make this choice for you. It’s within your control.

Aspire to be a human being with creativity in your mind, with love in your heart and with my purpose in your soul. Choose to create from a space of love and inspiration. Lose the shackles that stifle originality.

When you can truly open your heart and step into the belief that you deserve to be the person you want to be and live the life you dream of, then, and only then, can you achieve it. Now is the time for you to embrace your voice and allow your gifts to shine through to the world. The world is waiting for you. You owe it to yourself to ‘be, create, and collaborate.’

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Dr. Ellie Drake is the founder and visionary behind, the fastest-growing, global online community for Entrepreneurial Women.

As a highly-magnetic speaker, doctor and successful entrepreneur, Ellie empowers women to take important steps toward achieving prosperity. At age 17, Ellie arrived in America as an immigrant from her native Iran where she recalls huddling in bomb shelters during the Iran-Iraq war. She held on to the inspiration that is the American dream and has since become living proof of its power.

Ellie followed her vision and became a millionaire in the home-based, health industry. Her time-tested techniques to removing the blocks to prosperity, particularly for women, have made her an admired and sought-after consultant and figure. That success led her to give back – especially to women who struggle with financial independence.

BraveHeart outreach includes an online, active community with blogs and discussion boards, local Meet & Greet events, and an online television Network that provides 10-minute, inspirational videos regarding personal blossoming, professional success, and global collaboration. BraveHeart Women TV has hosted such esteemed guests as Maya Angelou, Kathy Ireland, Lisa Nichols, and Siedah Garrett.

Ellie currently resides in Ventura, CA with her husband Charlie and two sons.

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  1. great advice ellie…everyone should aspire to bring the best theuniverse has to offer to everyone they meet…keep working on oneself, and you’ll always bring your best…its all about opportunity, and the opportunity is right here, right now…the “promised land” is between ones ears


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