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When you realize to your core of being that there is only love, you start to live life knowing that there is nothing that can harm you nor can anyone harm you. You will also not consider harming anyone with your words or deeds.

We have all been gifted with invisible powers and they create our reality. They are the power of thought, imagination, and intention. We create or mis-create with these gifts and we also re-create our reality if we find we don’t like what we’ve created. Thoughts are substance, energy and things, and we can form whatever we want out of the invisible realms through our imagination. When we align ourselves with our creative Source on a daily basis, we will align with our divine good and our desires will be objectified, seen as our new reality.

Loving yourself profusely means you will not allow anything or anyone to be treated unkindly or seen as above you in any way. Everyone is a part of the Whole of God. Trusting in God first, loving God above all else will bring more gifts added unto you. Don’t ever be afraid to speak the truth from your heart.

When you give up unforgiving thoughts about someone or some situation, then you allow yourself to be released from the mental prison you had placed yourself in and the key to opening your imprisoned state of mind will show itself to you miraculously. This heals you.

Giving thanks and being filled with gratitude each day and night will allow you to see and receive beautiful gifts from the universe. Being ungrateful will cause the opposite to happen for you – things will be taken away from you through accidents, thefts, sickness, illness or disease and poverty. That vibrational energy pushes away from you exactly what you say you want and brings more of what you do not want into your reality. You will be attracting more of what you declare you are ungrateful for.

The Mouth of God is the mind of man and so every desire we have is God’s desire for us and shall be manifested according to our faith and belief that It Is Done! If you believe you are in poverty, nothing can place you into the realm of substance, of abundance until you release the belief that being in poverty is true or “I cannot escape it.” You will have to accept another thought and believe wholeheartedly that you are in the realm or space of abundance.

Sit in the realm of abundance and believe you are that which you desire to be. Imagine you dwell in abundance consciousness and then your reality will match your thoughts, feelings and belief. If you are ill and you desire to be well, free of disease and sickness, you cannot believe that you are ill and expect to experience health and wellness. Your subconscious mind only manifests to you exactly what you believe to be true about your experience or reality.

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Rev. Daya Devi-Doolin is known as a “Doctor of Thought”. She is the Co-Founder, with her husband Chris, of The Doolin Healing Sanctuary. She is a renowned author of metaphysical and motivational books for adults. Her inspirational speeches and writings share her secrets for a successful life through an empowering thought system, by applying Universal principles and techniques. She has assisted thousands of clients through workshops, lectures, radio shows, books, interviews, personal coaching and healings across the globe over the past 25 years.

She is an Ordained Minister, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Healing Counselor and Matrix Energetics Technician. She is a leading Radio/TV personality offering topics relating to the inherited power of the gift of thought and the power behind our Word which is the cause of manifesting our reality.

Her best-selling books are: Super Vita-Minds: How to Stop Saying I Hate You...To Yourself; The Only Way Out Is In: The Secrets of the 14 Realms to Love, Happiness and Success!; and Americans Saving Ourselves Together: How to Thrive in the 21st Century. She is one of the co-authors of the recent best-selling series Contagious Optimism authored by David Mezzapelle. She has two beautiful sons.

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    1. So kind of you M. Catlett to take the time and leave your comment. I appreciate it and I thank you for sharing how my article struck your heart. Please feel free to share with all you know who would love reading it and applying the techniques to their lives for a better life.

    1. Hi Chris, I am glad you found the article enjoyable and inspiring. That was one of my goals. When we step outside of the Love that we are and forget who we are, we end of with problems, struggles and we wonder “What’s up with this?”, “Where did this come from?”, and “How do I get back on track?” So my other goals were to guide readers gently back to the “up escalator” higher consciousness, awareness and remind readers what level to get off on.

    1. Thank you for your beautiful comment Heather. Yes to your question about EFT. I use it with my clients when it’s appropriate for them. I am very happy to hear from you and to answer your question.

      Warmest Regards,
      Daya Devi-Doolin

    1. Heidi – I love being inspired by words on a page, words from a movie, magazine or by someone I don’t even know. It makes me feel larger in spirit and mind or want to go and find more to bring into my world to help me understand the depth and scope of truth, reality, etc. So, you are welcomed and I am glad I have fulfilled my part in giving you something to think about. My husband and I were brought out of the mentality of homelessness by people like Catherine Ponder, Neville Goddard, Charles and Mrytle Fillmore Founders of Unity Church and more. So, again I can relate.
      Warmest Regards,
      Daya Devi-Doolin

  1. Hi Daya! Great article, thank you for sharing. Fit’s in very well with my personal journey, and the life of my inspiration – Neville Goddard. “The mouth of God is the mind of man….” That is just a lovely way to express a deep truth. Blessings!

    1. Hey Mr. Twenty Twenty,

      I know your journey and my journey has put you and I in touch with each other for which I am grateful. Your daily FreeNeville communication online newsletter is very, very helpful for everyone who is seeking confirmation of the TRUTH in their lives plus how to apply the TRUTH principles in their lives as well. I appreciate your kind words.

      In Unity,

  2. Dear Daya,
    Wonderful article, beautifully written and the love shines through every word!

    I’m so looking forward to talking with you on your show today, it’s a real honor and privilege!

    1. Wow Liesel,

      What a wonderful surprise to hear from you so quickly. I enjoyed my interview with you about your profound book, “The Upside of Saying No”. Your practical tips that people can put into action right away about how to say “No” in a kind and respectful way will be very useful to my listeners I am sure!

      My blessings and thanks for sharing your kind words and how the article made you feel.


  3. I too love your expression that “the mouth of God is the mind of man” Daya. My favorite time of day is when I am still because it is then that I realize the multitude of gifts that surround me each day. The busy thoughts leave my mind and my heart is brimming with the love I accept in the form of these daily gifts. I appreciate the reminders in your article that my thoughts create my reality, and that I am in essence the captain of my ship connected by an invisible umbilical cord to that of my creator.
    With love and appreciation, Lisa

    1. Hey Lisa,

      Thanks for taking the time to respond to how my article touched your Spirit. We all need reminders each day and we get them sometimes through nature, music, articles other people who may even be strangers or invisible to us, through social websites or media. I am glad to be a part of a medium that reminds how our thoughts do create our reality. Many people don’t realize the power we have been gifted with and so go through life in a miserable state and can’t understand why or even how to get from being unstuck. I am glad you realize your connection with the invisible.

      My blessings BE with you,

  4. Done and dusted.

    Thank you for sharing you Daya!

    The essence of knowledge is, having it, to apply it; not having it, to confess your ignorance.
    What most people need to learn in life is how to love people and use things instead of using people and loving things.

    Mr. Twenty Twenty

  5. Daya,

    I too love your expression that “the mouth of God is the mind of man”

    Daya. My favorite time of day is when I am still because it is then that I realize the multitude of gifts that surround me each day. The busy thoughts leave my mind and my heart is brimming with the love I accept in the form of these daily gifts. I appreciate the reminders in your article that my thoughts create my reality, and that I am in essence the captain of my ship connected by an invisible umbilical cord to that of my creator.

    With love and appreciation, Lisa Graphic Designer

  6. Hi Daya,

    While I agree with your thoughts ideally. I think there is also fear which is the opposite of love. It is this fear that causes people to act in unloving ways which I am sure you know. It seems to me that sometimes people are damaged by life events that shape who they are and then get trapped into negative ways of being, thinking living etc. I do believe that happiness is a choice. We see evidence of this when we watch a travel channel for instance and witness people in very primitive cultures with few if any modern conveniences living a life of extreme Hardship yet joyous and happy and radiating such warmth and peace. I am always heartened by this.

    Congrats on all of your accomplishments. How very deserving you are.

    Love Peggy

    1. Peggy,

      You are absolutely correct in knowing that happiness is a choice. When we are grateful for every gift the universe bestows upon us as a result of our being receptive and grateful, our happiness grows and radiates out to uplift others!

      Thank you for your good wishes and kind words.


  7. Nancy Roselli All I need to know is Given to me…..watching and listening is key to learning and Knowing…….I thank God for the Power to speak from Spirit…….the sun is rising as I’m writing and the sky in the east is a beautiful pinkish orange.
    Nancy Roselli

  8. Daya,

    Thanks for your inspiirational awareness. I am currently having sleepless nights; and am consumed with fear & anxieties over a business relationship that could be broken. I awoke desperately trying to seek the light, and find a positive response I could make in the relatiionship. A current agreement has led to new issues that need to be further clarified, discussed, and resolved. I have repeatedly requested that we set up a 15 minute Skype for doing this. Instead, all communications have been broken; and; our current agreement has been unilaterally abandoned, and replaced by a proposal to introduce additional and unspecified charges. I feel under threat of suddenly being faced with these new & unspecified charges, without any opportunity for prior discussion & agreement; and uncertain at what will happen next.

    I feel extremely vulnerable. My thoughts were trapped in a very defensive place; where I was caught up in endless arguments to counter the threat that I felt I had been placed under. I was unable to see through the mists of fear, anxiety, panic & negative thoughts to reach the light beyond. I felt trapped in a state of hopeless & despair.

    Your words lifted the clouds, and enabled me to see the light beyond; to feel at one with myself, others & the universe; and shift to my higher self, and a place of love. Enabled me to realize that positivity, answers, and abundance are always there, if we are willing to let go of negative thoughts & feelings; and dissolve whatever is obscuring the light; and be open to the gifts that God & the Universe continuously has to bring. Thank you Daya; for reminding me that God is always available to us in every moment of the day. All we need to do is connect with the silence, listen with our higher selves, and wait for guidance from a place of love. I am no longer caught up with worst case scenarios, just awaiting guidance on how I can “seek first to understand, and then be understood”; and do so from a place of love.


  9. Thank you Daya. It is quite a subtle shift. Part of the prison I found myself in was as a result of my own actions. No breakdowns in communication are totally one-sided. So feelings of guilt, fear regret, self-flagellation, and paranoia were a large part of the prison that I had built for myself. To reconnect with my inner being the first person I needed to forgive, and love again was myself. I simply needed to acknowledge that I had made a mistake, and forgive, and love myself. On acknowledging my mistake to the other, I received the negative reaction referred to.

    My biggest fear was finding myself not in control, and at the mercy of another. As a control freak, to shift from surrendering control to allowing, and trusting in God, is a major challenge to me.

    On the issue of words not being able to define what I AM Presence means, I am in agreement that this is beyond definition, and is something that needs to be sensed & felt. However, I still feel that some words have their place in this … words that move us … words that share experience, beauty & inspiration … a touching poem … powerful lyrics … and music itself. For me Stabat Mater by Pergolesi, which you probably know


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