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You are purposely here for a reason, designed with specific innate gifts and talents only known to you and your creator. You are as unique as a snowflake or fingerprint compared to the other 7 billion souls on this planet as there are no two alike.

Our core essence is spiritual energy and YOU are an extension of God/Goddess manifested into physical form. Your personal journey here is to rediscover your magnificence on many levels of Being – creatively, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually – in this “school of life” to become the fullest expression of who you were created to be with purpose and passion.

Connect within and allow your heart to remain open with your knowledge, thoughts, actions, spoken words and written form when interacting with others and especially, towards yourself. Love, appreciate and accept fully who you are and without apologies for any preconceived flaws you may bear and know that you cannot ever fail. Release the unnecessary baggage of fear, anger, guilt, resentment and judgements for they will only hold you back in life. Offer forgiveness or at least “the willingness” to forgive those who have trespassed against you and there may even be times when you’ll need to forgive yourself.

Despite your differences, embrace and be gentle, loving, patient, peaceful, considerate and compassionate with the people you’ll share your life with both personally and professionally, within your neighborhood, community, country and everyone else the world over, including those who have yet, to cross your path.

Everyone you meet and everything you’ll experience is a direct vibrational reflection of you within at some level to rediscover the depths of who you truly are at your core essence of Being. Begin each day intentionally by co-creating your desires, planning and setting your goals to manifesting your vision for for the highest good of all involved. Celebrate each one of your achievements regardless, of how small they are. Acknowledge and give gratitude everyday for the gifts you receive from the Universe, especially those involving the beauty of Nature and Mother Earth.

Have faith in knowing that you are equipped and that all of the answers to every question you will ever have is readily available to you upon entering your inner sanctuary of silence, connecting with Source and listening from within.

Keep your wonder and awe as you are a precious child of the Universe. Know that you are safe and loved. You are meant to live an abundant, joyful, creative, healthy, prosperous, and beautiful life of your dreams with purpose and passion.

Surround yourself with other like-minded and heart-centered people as you are worthy and deserving to experience blissful life’s experiences. Dream big, create, dance in the light of music, laughter and joy, love unconditionally, trust yourself to make the right decisions, be bold and colorful and know that you have the power and freedom to spread your wings and fly. Be who YOU are as there is not another magnificent beautiful you. Namaste!

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Dr. Stacey A. Maxwell empowers YOU into becoming the fullest expression of who you were created to be, while living the life of your dreams with purpose and passion.  She is a doctor of alternative medicine; chiropractic and acupuncture, with an extensive background in psychology, theology, energy, quantum physics and metaphysics. She is an author, speaker, premier life and business coach. Her specialty is teaching the mind, body, spirit and emotional bodies connection as a whole, and connecting you with your core-essence of Being.

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  1. Stacey – Your article provides great advice. You have such a beautiful website. It just exudes peace, love and wings 🙂 Best wishes for continued success. – Ron

  2. Do you Stacey, know who I am? Your inspiration is my life. That’s no lie. I get the inspire me, in my e-mail every day, and just about every one of them, has hit home, with my life as I live it. Im not saying I’m a saint. I just strive to be a better person ever day, to myself and others. I look into a mirror, and say that I love who I am each day. I just moved, and a little unsettled, but still no excuse not connecting with my higher power, or listening to the universe either. I have been living on self will for the last month. Im starting a new chapter of my life. Its going to be awesome. I’m so happy for your inspiration, and nice to be responding so spiritual. I love myself, so love you Stacey.

  3. That is how I live my life today. Thank you for reminding me of that. I have a life worth living today. I love you,and every one else. I love who I am, and give love. I have so much gratitude for my life,and breath. Have a wonderful weekend.
    Lots of Love Patrick

  4. Love this Stacey, and love it even more now that I see you wrote it for your daughter 🙂 How beautiful!

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