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Transformation arises not through ambition or self-will, but amidst our surrender to the One Who holds all things together through His Word. Generally, we don’t take steps toward growth until the pain of staying the same exceeds the pain of change. Only in that place does true surrender begin.

Transformation begins with a decision to forgive and to extend unconditional grace, acceptance, and love to the one who did us harm.

Transformation grows with our decision to believe the best about another, remembering their best qualities, and overlooking their offenses.

Transformation flourishes when we acknowledge we live in the midst of a spiritual battle.

Transformation occurs when we let go of preconceived ideas of what should have been and collectively work toward one another’s best interests, serving one another in all humility.

Transformation begins in our heart and the private meditations of our thoughts. We experience greater joy and fulfillment in our relationships as we train our mind and speech to stop saying harmful words and practice the daily discipline of believing and speaking encouraging words of affirmation.

Transformation begins when we focus on what is essential and intentionally practice the good things we know we should do.

Transformation fails when we seek our own way, fail to take responsibility for our own actions, and selfishly insist on gratifying our own desires. But, when we look to meet our spouse’s needs, and look for opportunities to nurture growth through our affection and affirmation, we invite connection as God intended between spouses.

Transformation requires change. We either move towards growth to reflect more of God, or we become stagnant.

Transformation occurs when we reach forward, commit to dream, and welcome from a distance the hope of our faith. God invites us to believe the best and inspire the best in our spouse. He encourages us to invite Him into our dreams, our imaginations, and our relationships.

Transformation flourishes when we seek to promote another’s happiness over our own.

Transformation occurs when we look inward and decide, “What’s my part? How can I help? How do I need to change?”

Transformation takes place within our own heart, individually. We cannot change another person. We are responsible for our own life and actions.

Transformation takes time. It requires my concentrated attention and intentional actions. It is a result of an ongoing process; it’s more than an event.

Transformation occurs when we fully realize God loves us passionately and designed us on purpose for a purpose.

Transformation requires letting go of offenses and extending forgiveness.

Transformation believes and brings out the best in others.

Transformation applies knowledge with action.

Transformation requires intentionality and applied action, consistently.

Transformation is a journey toward becoming our greatest potential.

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Julie Gorman is a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker. She is also a licensed LIFEPLAN facilitator with the Paterson Center. She and her husband Greg write, produce, and host a weekly Broadcast, Two Are Better than One, on the Purpose Focused Network, and is the founder of Married For A Purpose. She graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in Bible with minors in Pastoral Ministries and Communications.

Julie has been featured on National Syndicated Radio and TV Outlets with Moody Radio, Life Today with James Randall Robison, Life Love And Family with Dr. Tim Clinton, and many others. She is the author of What I Wish My Mother had Told Me About Men, What I Wish My Mother had Told Me About Marriage. She co-authored her two newest book Married for a Purpose: New Habits of Thinking for a Higher Way of Living Two Are Better than One ... God has a Purpose for Your Marriage.

Although grateful for her opportunities as a writer and speaker, Julie remains most passionate about her role as wife and best friend to her husband of over 20 years, Greg, and a mother to their three children, Courtney, Sommer and Joshua.

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    1. Thank you Kristin and Surinder. I am so grateful my words encouraged and inspired you in this journey we call life. Be sure to reach out to me on Facebook to stay connected. 🙂

  1. Very synchronous message as I have been listening to Dr David Hawkins about surrendering everything to God and you have reconfirmed his message. Love it and bless you.

  2. This article is truly beautiful and very inspiring.It refreshes every single thing that one needs to do, to take a step forward in the journey of life.Transformation is very essential to experience happiness and each one of us seeks happiness.However we feel truly happy only for limited time each day.If we constantly strive to transform ourselves we can feel happy at all times , no matter what situation we are in.

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