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Learn about the key practice of Ho’oponopono and how following your passion with gratitude always equals success in this interview with Dr. Joe Vitale.

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To say that Dr. Joe Vitale is a man of many talents and accomplishments is an understatement. To millions of readers, seekers, listeners and movie watchers, he is the man who speaks to their fervent desire to enhance their lives. He is a source of simple--but profound--life-changing wisdom, words that inspire and music that touches their hearts. He shows that miracles can be achieved every day.

Once homeless, Vitale is a now luminary of the personal growth world, one of the stars of the blockbuster film, The Secret, and the author of multiple bestselling books., including The Attractor Factor, Life's Missing Instruction Manual, The Key, Faith, Attract Money Now and his latest is a sequel to his bestseller Zero Limits, entitled At Zero, which starts where Zero Limits left off, telling new stories, presenting new processes, introducing a new healer, and revealing the fourth stage of awakening: enlightenment itself.

The man known as Mr. Fire! introduces people to Universal Laws, practical systems and methodologies that provide an astonishing pathway to freedom from limitations, and a means to achieve unlimited personal power, wealth and success—in short achieving miracles.

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  1. Thank you Joe for reminding me about Bruce Barton. A long time ago I used to give talks in front of a congregation of a hundred and 50 people. I would insert quotes from famous well-known people. In one talk I found a quote from Bruce Burton. I remember everyone giggled when I said “from Bruce Burton” i’m sure no one knew who he was and his name sounds a little funny. I wish I could remember it exactly but it was basically about the sea of Galilee and how the water flows through it. And how it is a vibrant living ecosystem. And then he spoke of another Sea that was basically a dead-end to the water the water did not flow through it. And we called that sea dead. It is a parable for life obviously.

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