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Unwavering Strength

Discover the inner strength and courage to overcome grief, loss, phobias and trauma. Unwavering Strength: Stories to Inspire You through Challenging Times is the first in a series of highly inspiring books by Judy O’Beirn and friends. It is a moving collection of inspirational stories from 32 gifted authors, including Daniel Parmeggiani, Jeanne Henning, and Dr. Terry A. Gordon. New York Times bestseller author Peggy McColl's moving foreword beautifully establishes the tone for the stories that follow. Unwavering Strength shares real-life experiences that will help you find strength and comfort in the journeys others have taken through grief, loss, trauma and heartache. As you read this book, you’ll realize we are defined by our ability to rise up from our lowest points and reach into our hidden potential for incredible growth, love and compassion. A percentage of the proceeds from Unwavering Strength book sales are being donated to cancer recovery programs.

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Today’s Brilliance from Murray Nabors

I've overcome stage IV metastasized melanoma and atrial fibrillation as well as achieved a lot of personal goals I thought impossible. So I tell people that whatever problem they are facing, There Is Always a Way to solve it. You simply have to find the way and follow instructions. Most times you can find someone else who dealt successfully with exactly your challenge and learn a lot from them. Other times you must chart a course on your own. Scary but fun stuff! Everything you want to do in life has directions, whether it's changing the oil in your car,…

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Today’s Brilliance from Julia Hamrick

The key to being, doing, and experiencing everything you ever wanted is to be your Self. To be who you really are. Because whether you are aware of it or not, Who You Are is unlimited, all powerful, free-flowing Divine Love, expressing as you. For about as far back as you can remember and beyond, you've been playing the game of limitation, creating the bulk of your human experience in Difficult World, the world created and sustained by the fearful ego. The fearful ego was created in order to play the limitation game, and it creates Difficult World by causing…

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[Free Gift] Five Chapters of a MIND-BLOWING book!

How do you feel about getting more out of life than you currently do? Can I ask you if you’ve found it harder than you thought it would be to achieve all you’ve wanted in life? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a simple way you could learn to think that made it easier to succeed and get what you want, than it was to struggle and eventually fail… Can you imagine it being easier to succeed than to fail? Too good to be true isn’t it? Well not if the way it’s taught is completely different to anything else you’ve tried before… Please don’t misunderstand me, the techniques you are about to learn are similar, maybe even the same. But what’s different is the way it is taught and the way you learn. If you’d like to try ‘something very different’ for yourself… Check out for free the first five chapters of my friend Andy Shaw’s book

Creating A Bug Free Mind

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Today’s Brilliance from Michael Levy

Many folks fish with a big hook of memories that have a reference point not of their choosing. Before they could assemble their fishing tackle of thoughts, a whole bunch of people came into their fishing grounds when they were born and indoctrinated them. They gave them a large variety of negative bated thoughts and educated them to net in toxic thoughts into the memory banks. If we tried to let the catch of toxic thought free, to swim away from our minds, they constantly maintained that it is wrong to free doom and gloom. They told us that we…

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Today’s Brilliance from Robin Firestone

Experiencing loss and illness at a very early age, I quickly understood the importance of living every day, and making it count. Be grateful for this ultimate gift called life. I cherish my life and wish for you to embrace your life to the fullest capacity. Life is an incredible, and wild adventure... a gift that we sometimes take for granted. Discover your true destiny. We don't know what we don't know. Just imagine what is yet to unfold for you and your role in the universe, when you are ready to become the master of your own mind. Discover,…

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Genesis of Genius

Julie Ann Turner's new book Genesis of Genius is a Journey of Discovery from Da Vinci to Oprah that reveals the single, startling principle the greatest creative minds throughout history used to consciously shift to success in their lives, work & world.... Genesis of Genius is your step-by-step, visual guide to consciously creating the life, work & world you most desire. From Plato to Leonardo Da Vinci, on to Oprah and Steve Jobs - all used one universal principle to create success. This is your guide to do the same.

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Today’s Brilliance from Brenda Shoshanna

The greatest gifts I've received from life have come unexpectedly, sometimes during a time of challenge, other times when I'm engrossed in helping another, and often when I'm simply open and grateful for the great banquet life constantly presents. I've learned to let go of expectations of how things will or should turn out. They don't anyway. The more I let go of my demands on life, the more I receive and the more open I am to the incredible beauty that's all around me. A long term practitioner of Zen, I am profoundly grateful for this practice, which helps…

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Today’s Brilliance from Tamara Gerlack

You are all full of it! Energy, that is... we all have access to an unlimited supply of Love and Light to wake-up, shake-up, and inspire everyone, including yourself! Our bodies literally have electromagnetic functions going on all of the time, keeping our heart pumping, and our brain and body working on the physical level. On the Emotional and Spiritual levels, we sometimes create blockages, allow energy drains, or even let our light fade over time. Let's practice ways of turning it WAY up! Let's create an abundant flow of energy that improves our life and creates a positive impact…

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