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Today’s Brilliance from Evelyn Brooks 1

No matter what the weather is, you can create your own personalized forecast each morning, by deciding whether your outlook for the day will be gloomy or sunny. Situations in your life that are discouraging or hard to handle will be much easier when you have a positive outlook that you will always be okay inside no matter what the specific outcomes are. Do your best and let go of the rest. You will be able to achieve a center core of serenity that is unshakable. Solutions will come to you when you open your heart and mind to the…

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Being Fearless Begins Here

If I were to leave a single message to the world, it would be quite simple: Your life, with all of its unique experiences on this earth, is part of a much greater story. Yes, we can create, manifest pretty much what we will, but we are first and foremost creations ourselves, a vital convergence of celestial and earthly forces that are ceaselessly being expressed in what I call the "Presence moment." So... Until we understand our special place in the cosmic scheme of things, we can never really know the true nature of our highest possibilities, let alone be…

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The Secret To Maximizing Your Life [Free Training]

Are you ready for the secret to maximizing your life? Probably not as it must be too good to be trueRight? Well today I’ve got something for you that you may find unbelievable! You may have heard me mention my friend Andy Shaw’s work before, well he’s just released a new video training on The Secret To Maximizing Your Life. I’ve just watched the full training and what he explains in it is very simple to grasp, but actually shocking to consider…. Are you ready to take a look and see how far the rabbit hole goes on maximizing your success?

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Today’s Brilliance from Murray Grossan

I would encourage all to use inspiration as a means of achieving a stress free life of achievement. A person, free of stress chemicals, who is creative, is in the very best state of existence, both health wise and emotionally. Reduce Stress Hormones Fact: Stress hormones age a person, shunt glycogen from the brain, and narrow blood vessels-often with severe circulatory consequences. A huge number of illnesses are caused by stress- let's avoid those. Fact: Free of stress hormones, natural healing and creative thoughts can be amplified. Becoming stress hormone free and creative is no different than learning a tennis…

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Are You Ready To Be An Entrepreneur?

People become entrepreneurs for many different reasons, some to do what they love, others to help serve people and others just to pay their bills or even live the lifestyle of their dreams. Regardless of the reason you may want to start your own business, you must realize that successful entrepreneurs are really artists. When a painter begins their masterpiece, they are looking at a blank slate. When a sculptor begins their masterpiece, they are looking at a lump of clay. What separates the master painter and master sculptor from the rest of the crowd is that they see opportunity…

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Forgiving the Unforgivable

Master Charles Cannon's Forgiving the Unforgivable tells the inspirational, true story of how survivors of the 2008 Mumbai Terrorist attack forgave their attackers. The book also provides detailed, user-friendly instructions for learning how to unconditionally forgive others (and yourself), through developing a holistic practice that is simultaneously practical and transformational. Forgiving the Unforgivable provides you with tips and tools to begin meeting every challenge with love and forgiveness - regardless of what others do.

Order your copy now!

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Today’s Brilliance from Roslyn Franken

Let go of your past challenges. Accept who you are today. Look forward to each new tomorrow with a renewed sense of hope, faith and enthusiasm. Your past challenges do not dictate your future. If you keep looking in the rearview mirror of life, you will miss out on all the wonderful possibilities that lie ahead. Decide where you want to go, who you want to be and follow the path to take you there. If the path is unclear, just take the first step and know that the next step will present itself. It may not be what you…

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Today’s Brilliance from Derrick Hayes

Don't be afraid to ask others for help. If you tell your story to enough of the right people, help will be on the way. Is money stopping you from fulfilling your destiny? I want you to look to your F.A.M.I.L.Y. and see how close you are to seeing your dreams come true. Your F.A.M.I.L.Y. network consists of people that are your Friends, Associates, Ministry, Inspiration, from Learning and You. It's time that you ask your F.A.M.I.L.Y. for help so you can live more abundantly. Friends are people that you communicate with on a regular basis. Whodini had a hit…

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Be a Divine Conduit for Guides & Angels

Do you long to create a direct connection with your guides, angels, saints and holy ones who are continually with us? Are you ready to become a Divine conduit--to step into a place where ascended masters and teachers can communicate with you clearly and completely? Would you like to learn to communicate with the departed--beloved ancestors, friends and family who seek to support and encourage you? Indeed, these are simple tasks, available to everyone! In this intensive, emotionally rich and joyous course, you will learn how to simply and easily create direct connection with the Divine beings who are waiting to communicate with you.

Find out more here!

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