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Life is rich, filled with beautiful moments as well as difficult times. Life is a journey through the middle ground of the highs and lows, where you learn to find your sacred place of contentment. In this space of breath and awareness, you face life with a knowingness that whatever happens, this always remains true: you are strong, you are wise, you are loved and you are a beautiful person needed in this world.

You have a higher purpose in life. You may bring certain qualities to everything you do, such as love, hope, faith, tranquility, abundance, truth, clarity, devotion, power, passion, ingenuity and many others. If your higher purpose is to embody love in all forms, that broad purpose can be achieved in many ways from loving your family, to smiling with acceptance at a stranger, to speaking kindly to a store clerk.

To achieve your higher purpose, you don’t need a certain job title or a license to do certain things. You only need to be who you are: the embodiment of love in all forms. By being who you are, you live your purpose in every moment through every situation you encounter. You become a living purpose, and every experience offers the opportunity for you to become more authentically you.

Remember that death is an old friend on the journey of life, one with whom we will share our last words, our last kiss and our last breath on earth. Embrace death as a friend, letting it remind you to live more fully right now with those you love. As your parents pass away and you become the matriarch or patriarch of your family, death reminds you that it’s okay to let go of old family burdens and begin new traditions.

Let the ashes of the past nourish the seeds of new beliefs and healthy ways of living. Honor the gifts from those who have passed on by releasing the painful moments to the light. Death pushes you to live more fully, more present in the moment in appreciation of the small gifts of life.

No matter what life has thrown your way, you’ll find that both laughter and tears lead to the same needed feeling of release. Whether you’re laughing or crying, your heart feels an unburdening of the weight of the world. Embrace the unshakable you, finding humor in every situation. Laughter lives in the middle ground of contentment, where you remember you are wise enough not to take life so seriously.

From this place of contentment and acceptance of who you are, you become a force of resilience in the world. Your calm strength guides your family and friends, helping them to remain true to themselves. Whether the waters are high or low, you move forward with grace, following the flow of life with acceptance and a willingness to grow in every situation.

Be true to who you are, and the rest will follow.

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Vicky Thompson is the editor and publisher of New Connexion Journal, which provides practical tools for living well. Readers in the Pacific Northwest and beyond look to New Connexion for articles, TV shows and radio interviews on alternative health, spirituality and personal growth.

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  1. Thank You Miss Thompson, I re-read The 4th paragraph to a friend who was in need. The tears flowed…We did some EFT and your well written words helped release and clear some very toxic baggage She had been hanging on to for quite a period of time…Feeling Free in Ferndale

  2. In just seven paragraphs there is so much wisdom and inspiration. We are grateful for what you have shared with us today.

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