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Deb Copeland

Don’t Sabotage Your Attitude

Superstitions are irrational beliefs - beliefs that are held…
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Deepen 12-Step Programs with Meditation

When looking inward, it's all too easy to fall into confusion,…

4 Intuitive Tips for Success

I have heard the term "uncertain times" used too frequently in…
Matthew Kenney

Are You Making the Grade?

When we graduate from school the temptation is to believe we…

Winning the Game of Fear Webinar

Motivational "happy thoughts" and philosophical points about…
Positive results never come from negative thoughts.
Jeannette Koczela

Trusting Your Magnificence

You are a magnificent being. Has anyone told you that lately?…
Keith St Onge

Where Hard Work Can Take You

From the beginning of life we are meant to be happy and joyous.…
Genesis of Genius

Genesis of Genius

Julie Ann Turner's new book Genesis of Genius is a Journey of Discovery from Da Vinci to Oprah that reveals the single, startling principle the greatest creative minds throughout history used to consciously shift to success in their lives, work & world.... Genesis of Genius is your step-by-step, visual guide to consciously creating the life, work & world you most desire. From Plato to Leonardo Da Vinci, on to Oprah and Steve Jobs - all used one universal principle to create success. This is your guide to do the same.

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Remember to look for the humor in the situation.

Make a Big Impact with Integrity

Integrity, as defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, has…
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