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Debbie Teichmann

Embrace The Process – Enjoy Your Journey

Enjoying the journey leading to the goal is as important as achieving…
Lucira Jane Nebelung

What Makes a Leader

If you are discouraged by all the discord you see in the world,…
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Open Your Spiritual Heart with Saint Francis

For the past 800 years, Saint Francis of Assisi has been penetrating the hearts of people from every culture and across every spiritual tradition. Francis' two most famous writings -- Instrument of Thy Peace and Canticle of the Sun -- together form the foundation of this course. These beautiful, elegant prayers offer us a rich doorway to  Francis' mentorship, love and support. Each lesson offers practical wisdom, deep guided meditation, and simple yet powerful assignments to help you examine your inner world, open your spiritual heart, and strengthen your connection to the Divine. Again and again, you will be coached and guided to effectively call upon Francis to bring you inner support, guidance, and healing. This course includes the Story of Saint Francis by Mirabai Starr; 21 profound guided meditations by Max Highstein; and practical wisdom and direction to help you apply what you're learning to your every day life.

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You are worthy of all good things in life.
Mary Ellen Ciganovich

Become Aware

Before you can achieve peace or happiness in your life, you must become…

Words of Wisdom

Wisdom is only valuable to the minds that will accept it and…
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Transform Your Life 3 Minutes at a Time

Wellness in the body begins in the mind. Dina Proctor's course Transform Your Life 3 Minutes at a Time will help you start a 3x3 meditation practice (3 minutes, 3 times a day), so you can quiet your mind at will and use the technique to release weight and promote healing and wellness in your body. Over three weeks, Dina will share real-life examples and insights as well as breakdown the process step-by-step in several instructional videos. With your choice of guided audio meditations to enhance your experience each week, you'll be well on your way to releasing negative thought patterns and enhancing your mind-body connection. If you're ready to learn how the mind's focus and thought patterns can physically impact the body's wellness, this course is for you!

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Turn Stumbling Blocks into Stepping Stones

If your Today is just a repeat of your Yesterday and your Tomorrow…
Maggie Keenan

Remembering to Dig Deep

The best lessons I've learned in life have happened while running…
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Becoming Happier Than God

Whether you would call yourself a happy person or not, this course from Neale Donald Walsch will assist you in "turning up" your current level of happiness and in believing the notion that what is true for one of us is true for all of us. Believing that it's imperative that we all learn to live lives that are Happier Than God, Neale covers the Mechanism of Manifestation, the Process of Creation, the Multiplier Effect, and the Triad Process in this course. Becoming Happier Than God shares powerful weekly lessons for 11 weeks, with detailed information about bringing and keeping happiness in your life. The course contains powerful audio and video, along with specific instructions to help you master the 17 Steps to Being Happier Than God.

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Renee Trudeau

Remember Who You Are

Your work is to remember who you *really* are. Who you are is…
Tina Brescanu

Change is Freedom

If you have made the choice to be born, to come here to Earth,…
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