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Live the Enlightened Life

Love more, think less. The only law is love. Do not ask for love;…
What we do with what we have is much more important than what we have.
Ben Newman

Choosing Your Response to Challenges

We all inevitably face challenges in life. Situations that rock…

A Blessing in Disguise

I have always had a fondness for inspiring legends or tales that…


What would life be like if you could actually create the deep and real connections you’ve been longing for in your everyday relationships? Many of us feel unable to create deeper, more soulful (i.e. intimate) connections with friends or loved ones. Robert Forman's SoulJazz answers this longing in a six class webinar. It helps folks make deeper, more intimate and loving contact with their friends, loved ones and work mates. If you have friends or live with a family, deal with other people in their day-to-day lives and want to do any of these things better, this is the course for you!

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The more clear the goal, the more clearly the path will show up.

Share Your Gifts to Overcome Adversity

Over the past few years, every one of us has been through some…

The Unexpected Benefits of Contributing

I'd like to encourage you to notice, acknowledge and celebrate…

Empower Yourself and Our Girls to Pursue Dreams - Sponsored

Through the development of a mentoring relationship, The ATHENA Prodigies: Empowering Women Empowering Girls guides women and girls through a reflective process of identifying what they truly desire in life. Using her own life’s lessons, Danielle Joworski provides affirmations and stories that will motivate female readers of all ages to build their self-belief and confidence in order to start sharing their dreams. As the mentoring relationship grows stronger, readers will be inspired to help and support each other to break down the internal and external barriers standing in the way of their dreams becoming a reality. Great ready to learn more about yourself and the thoughts and dreams of a young girl and to see the truly amazing results of what can happen when you both pursue your dreams.

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Rehab for the Soul

Enjoy the brilliance of this world while you can, but more importantly…
Even when the road is long, baby steps will get you there every time.

Following the Road of Dreams

We do not follow a dream, it is the dream that follows us. It…
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