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Stop This Secret Self-Sabotage

We're often led to act against ourselves by an undetected weakness that goes before us -- trying to pass itself off to others -- as a strength. This is secret self-sabotage. It sinks us in our personal and business relationships as surely as a torpedo wrecks the ship it strikes. Learning how to stop this self-sinking is the focus of this exercise. Let's begin by gathering the higher insights we'll need to succeed. Any person you feel the need to control or dominate -- so that he or she will treat you as you "think" you should be treated --…

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12 Ways to Make This YOUR Year

1. Be Yourself Each of us has come into this world with a set of unique gifts: talents, interests, and abilities. It is only when we tap into those gifts and share them with the world that we truly become empowered. Give the world your greatest gift -- Be Yourself! 2. Trust Yourself We each have an inner voice that is there to give us guidance. All we need do is ask and we will be shown our next empowering step. Listen to your inner guidance and learn to trust yourself. 3. Believe in Yourself When we have doubts about…

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Growth through Writing… Empower Yourself!

Since man formed his first vocabulary, family and tribal news was carried from tribe to tribe, village to village by a storyteller. They would be welcomed in each cave, hut, or council house as an honored guest and nights would be spent around the fire listening to the latest news from family members living afar. Famine, a good harvest, movement of wild herds, warring tribes, births, deaths, alliances, all were carried by the professional storyteller. After a few days passed the news had been told and the storyteller, rested and refreshed, would move to the next tribe or settlement. While…

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Deepening Love

By B. Lynn Goodwin. Why can't I get organized, I ask myself. Why do I keep spinning my wheels as I journal? I remembered the words of Temescal Writers leader Joan Marie Wood, who said, "If you keep writing about the same thing over and over, it means you have more to say." Could I be having issues again about whether or not my stories are mine to share? As a general rule, if it’s my story I have a right to share it, knowing it’s my emotional memory and no one else’s. Besides, that’s a concern to address down…

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Have You Been Watching Your Thoughts Lately?

By Tara Taylor. Our thoughts are extremely powerful when it comes to manifesting an outcome that we may want in our lives. Have you been paying attention to your thoughts lately? Are you thinking about what you want rather than what you do not want? It's important to make a positive daily habit of watching where our thoughts go or where our minds start to wonder to. Our thoughts play a role in how we experience our daily lives and our interactions with others. When we choose thoughts that are loving, encouraging and forgiving about ourselves and others we find that…

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Quick, Before it Melts!

If you want to learn the greatest lessons in life, pay attention to Mother Earth. Nature has a way of showing us the things we need to learn, including the inevitability of change. Springtime in the Rocky Mountains is the perfect example. Just yesterday we had the biggest blizzard of the year- more than two feet of pristine white powder blanketed our world. The day was dark, cloudy and overcast as we were buried with snow. Today, spring is back, the sun is blazing, the temperatures are soaring into the 50’s AND we still have tons of snow covering the…

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